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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Yorkshire Bank consent to let

  • I have a house in Hillingdon but I am moving with my girlfriend to a different city for career reasons and moreover close to her university. Im keen keep my property but not sure I can afford a buy to let mortgage. It will only be short term -three years until my girlfriend completes her degree and I can sell, or move elsewhere. My mortgage is with Yorkshire Bank. Is there a chance I won't be approved for consent to let?
  • We I have a homeowner mortgage with Yorkshire Bank but I would like to occasionally take in I obliged to obtain consent to let from Yorkshire Bank?
  • I would like to explore if I can obtain consent to let on my existing property. I have a mortgage with Yorkshire Bank but my situation has changed. I'm about to move in with my partner and daughter who have a house and is larger than my studio property. I am sure that I will not qualify for a buy to let loan as I don't have the funds for a deposit nor do I earn in excess of £25000 a year.
  • Am I required to notify Yorkshire Bank of my intention to take in a lodger. I have two spare rooms that could be used by lodgers and I was thinking that as the occupancy remains in keeping with that of the 'family' use of the property it might not require consent to let. Can you help clarify? I am taking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax ramifications.
  • What is the longest period that Yorkshire Bank is willing to issue Consent To Let for?
  • My two year fixed rate with Yorkshire Bank is about to expire next month I will switch on to the current variable rate. Can you tell me if consent to let by Yorkshire Bank is a foregone conclusion, if there are fees, and if there conditions?
  • My mortgage has been with Yorkshire Bank for seven years. I would like to apply for consent to let my property. I have been waiting for Yorkshire Bank to get back to me. Are you able to please check and help?
  • Assuming that I was successful in obtaining consent to let from Yorkshire Bank, could I sell during the consent period? Is it possible that I would incur any charges?