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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Yorkshire Bank consent to lease

  • Soon to be packing up as my husband and I intend to relocate to Beijingin Month, possibly temporarily but it could be longer term. I have contacted Yorkshire Bank to obtain consent to let out our home in Yorkshire Bank. I have had a mortgage with Yorkshire Bank for 7 years and I have never had any arrears. Yorkshire Bank tell me, that even if they grant consent to let, that this will be a temporary arrangement for one year. Do I then need to reapply?

  • We just received consent to let from Yorkshire Bank. After some effort, Yorkshire Bank have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. What is that?

  • I have a mortgage with Yorkshire Bank on a flat and I intend to find a tenant for it out and rent an alternative house due to changes in personal circumstances - I want to move to a different area, and to live in a bigger property with my partner. I sought consent to let and just got a response refusing as they felt I want to invest. I as at a loss as to what my options are. I am now at risk since I already have rented a new home and am faced with paying both Yorkshire Bank and rent payments, which could put me in financial risk. The matter is urgent as a prospective tenant waiting in the wings
  • Me and my girlfriend are soon to buy a property together. Plan is for me to get consent to let my property from Yorkshire Bank. Thinking about the future - when my two year fixed period expires - how would it work if I wanted to remortgage my flat?
  • I am require from Yorkshire Bank consent to let out my flat in Newham. I am putting in hand arrangements to live with my grandfather as I am off work due to ill health.
  • My wife and I have a domestic mortgage with Yorkshire Bank and are considering obtaining consent to let so that we can apply for a further mortgage on another property that I own on a buy to let basis. Before we apply We would be interested to know the consequences of making the change and any facts that we need to consider.
  • Do you know if I can keep my current homeowner mortgage with Yorkshire Bank if I start renting out? If the consent to let is issued will they tie me into an increased rate?
  • I want to consider the option of letting out my property with consent to let from Yorkshire Bank whist away travelling for six months