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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Yorkshire Bank Home Loans Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Yorkshire Bank consent to lease

  • I acquired a house in 2007 for 155,000 with Yorkshire Bank. My husbands career requires that we move to Belgium and appreciate that I have to request consent to let from Yorkshire Bank. Do you have any experience of consent to lease from Yorkshire Bank?

  • I bought a house a couple of years ago in Liverpool when I worked locally. I got a promotion which necessitated working in Luton. I drive down on Saturday morning and live with a relative mid week. I am now considering relocating with the family to avoid the commute. I am considering the possibility of renting out my existing home. My mortgage is with Yorkshire Bank, would I have to move onto a new mortgage deal or do I try to get consent to let?
  • I have just come off a call with Yorkshire Bank and they tell me that they are now aware that I have been renting the garden flat even though it is on a domestic mortgage. I had to move a couple of years ago for work reasons, couldn't sell and was left with little option but to rent out the property. Are you able to advise me on the ramifications will be for me not seeking consent to let?
  • Sutton residence worth £95k. Yorkshire Bank mortgage owing £18k with 8 years left. Seek consent to let from Yorkshire Bank for current flat and use income to pay off the last few years of mortgage. Apply for sixty per cent Yorkshire Bank loan on further premises that I will consider to be my main residence? Any reason not to do this?
  • The prevailing mortgage is with Yorkshire Bank, but I will soon to need move out for approximately 12 months as we need to be closer to my partner's parents. Will Yorkshire Bank give consent to let?
  • I have Yorkshire Bank mortgage and am considering renting out the property. I am lead to believe that I would need a consent to let to do that correct ?
  • I want to apply for consent to let from my lender Yorkshire Bank to lease out my property. I am potentially moving in with mypartner. Can you tell me whether Yorkshire Bank allow consent to let in these circumstances?
  • Not sure if you can help What do we need to do to get consent to let from Yorkshire Bank? And what are the charges?