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Need professional advice for your consent to let with West Bromwich Mortgage Company? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

West Bromwich Mortgage Company consent to let: Q and A’s

  • My query does not relate to consent to let, I was enquiring as to whether you have an contact details for a dedicated West Bromwich Mortgage Company help desk who deal with consent to let applications. West Bromwich Mortgage Company has a mortgage over my property.
  • In what circumstances will consent to let for a property be issued by West Bromwich Mortgage Company? For what period of time do you have to have had ownership of the property before consent to let can be obtained from West Bromwich Mortgage Company? In order to give you some perspective I am a newly qualified dentist in an apartment bought a matter of months ago. The perfect job opportunity involving moving to a different city on a permanent basis has arisen. I am looking at applying for consent to let initially with a view to put a tenant in it to cover the costs of the West Bromwich Mortgage Company mortgage.
  • Ever since 2013 I have had a West Bromwich Mortgage Company mortgage with my twin and want to leave and get a new mortgage with my partner. How would I proceed with taking in a lodger? Is consent to let required by West Bromwich Mortgage Company? My twin will remain in the property
  • My plan is to let my studio flat out from the end of June this year as I will be going for a few months. I have a domestic mortgage with West Bromwich Mortgage Company. I will not be letting for more than four months. Most likely it will be five months. It has been suggested that I get consent from my freeholder first? Please can you advise what I should be doing in what order?
  • We have already let but only just realised West Bromwich Mortgage Company should've been notified and consent to let applied for - what's the best course of action now?
  • If I am tied into a fixed rate with West Bromwich Mortgage Company but am deliberating on letting out my property, is there a cost for consent to let from West Bromwich Mortgage Company and does the interest rate get uplifted?
  • My West Bromwich Mortgage Company mortgage fixed rate ends in January and have to relocate for work soon after. Is it likely that I be able to both remortgage and get consent to let?
  • I am looking at taking a job abroad and have been advised that I need to let West Bromwich Mortgage Company know so my mortgage is under consent to let? Please could you clarify the best way to go about this?