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Need professional advice for your consent to let with West Bromwich Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to West Bromwich Building Society consent to lease

  • I work for letting specialists in loc and have been ask but a prospective tenant of a property for evidence of the ‘consent to let’ from the owners lender West Bromwich Building Society. Is there a new law that has triggered this question?I have not come accross this before, is this a new legal requirement?

  • We have a fixed rate mortgage with West Bromwich Building Society. This has been in place for two years. We are deliberating leasing out our house and renting in an area close to our son's school until a suitable house becomes available to buy. Do West Bromwich Building Society normally grant consent to let and do they apply an increase to the mortgage rate?
  • What information do West Bromwich Building Society require to to determine whether to grant consent to let. I am on a five year fix with them. I have a good track record of mortgage payments over several years. I am planning a move to Barnet due to the family getting bigger. I will be retaining my existing job and my salary has increased by 20% since the mortgage started.
  • We are the registered owners of a apartment in Sunderland and will be relocating to Amersham at the end of the month. I have a letting agency and tenant ready. I was planning to leave everything as it stands as I'm worried West Bromwich Building Society will say I have to change my mortgage rate for buy to let which is not economically viable. I would like to secured a consent to let via West Bromwich Building Society but am afraid if I open Pandora's box it would result in no end of problems
  • I am trying to investigate if it is possible to get a consent to let mortgage with West Bromwich Building Society rather than a buy to let mortgage
  • Is it possible to negotiate a consent to let from West Bromwich Building Society if I have a current mortgage which has been in place for seven years?
  • Do you know whether West Bromwich Building Society will accept rental income on consent to let for affordability purposes or does it need to be on a buy to let ? Would West Bromwich Building Society let me raise capital based on the rental revenue ?
  • I got a domestic mortgage with West Bromwich Building Society. I bought the property in July last year. What are the options and criteria for consent to let.