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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Virgin One? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to RBS - Virgin One consent to lease

  • I have had consent to let via RBS - Virgin One for some time now and they now want to speak to me and I expect their agenda will be to get rid of me. Do you have any ideas on what I can do next?
  • How challenging it would be to seek consent to let from RBS - Virgin One. I'm interested in fixed homeowner mortgage and hope to live at the property but want to understand what options are open to me for example - if a job elsewhere was attractive or for a year abroad Please let me know how challenging it is in your experience with RBS - Virgin One?
  • My plan is to let my studio flat out from mid June this year as I will be going for a few months. I have a residential mortgage with RBS - Virgin One. I will not be letting for more than 6 months. Most likely it will be 4-5 months. I have been told to seek consent from my freeholder first? Please can you suggest what I should be doing in what order?
  • My OH and I might have to rent his property out. I realise that I require consent to let from RBS - Virgin One. We plan to join a landlord association if we decide to let the property, but do you have any thoughts on which are the best? We've come across the RLA and National Landlords Association.
  • I am looking to RBS - Virgin One to grant consent to let out my flat in Southwark. I am moving to Dubai for 8 months on a secondment.
  • My RBS - Virgin One mortgage fixed rate expires in September and have to relocate for work soon after. Is it likely that I be able to both remortgage and gain consent to let?
  • I am going away for work for up to twelve months... I was wondering if I was able to gain from RBS - Virgin One consent to let the house out while I was away as I am reluctant to leave it unoccupied for that long
  • I am already letting out my flat but may have sussed what has been going on. I have 5 months left on my fixed rate. How easy is it to get consent to let from RBS - Virgin One. Is it just a five minute phone call, pay the fee and that's it?