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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Virgin One? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to RBS - Virgin One consent to lease

  • What do I do if my application for consent to lease is subsequently refused by RBS - Virgin One?

  • I am in a pickle with a Consent to Let home loan. Reacting to my requisition for consent to let my bank has asked me to provide them with an executed Assured Shorthold Tenancy as a prerequisite to granting permission. If I get a signed tenancy agreement would I not be breaching the terms of my existing mortgage?

  • My niece is going to work abroad for twelve months and would like to rent her flat out. She has a RBS - Virgin One fixed rate mortgage on repayment and wants consent to let the property as well as switch to interest only. What does she need to do?
  • I currently have a mortgage with RBS - Virgin One and the loan to value is presently 45% with the RBS - Virgin One current book value and would like to buy a further property but do not want to sell my existing property at the current market value. I have had CTL from Northern Rock on a previous property so know a bit about them and I also have buy to let with Scottish Widows on another property. Does the expected rental income on a consent to let with RBS - Virgin One need to exceed the mortgage repayments? I have a fixed rate which I tied into a fixed rate and left the term at 18 years so it was paid off as early as possible, obviously this leaves with quite a high monthly cost.
  • My lender refuse to grant consent to let without a move in date confirmed with a tenant. How can I confirm this in the absence of consent to let? I can't be certain but I vaguely recall my friend had a similar issue with RBS - Virgin One.
  • Interested to know if if consent to let would be forthcoming from RBS - Virgin One in order to move back in with my parents for a year or two and conserve some money to extend the lease on my property?
  • I am potentially moving in with my girlfriend at her home and would like to rent out my property that I acquired twelve months ago, I'm just not sure of the process as my property is my first home. What do I need to do to obtain consent to let from RBS - Virgin One If I obtain consent would my mortgage payments increase?
  • I am enquiring as to whether there are any costs in getting consent to let on a freehold property when I have a mortgage with RBS - Virgin One