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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Ulster Bank Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Ulster Bank consent to let

  • Within the next few days I intend to ask Ulster Bank for consent to let out my house in Ulster Bank. However I have put the house on the market but there is no interest and paying a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on unoccupied house is exhausting my finances. What position would Ulster Bank take if I market the property?

  • Two years ago we purchased our council home, in London,recently valued at £240k. It's completely paid for from our own finances, unencumbered. We can't sell (without repaying back a significant amount of the discount) before 5 years have expired. Regardless, we wish to retain it as a investment property to rent out. We wish to release some equity via a Ulster Bank mortgage. Will consent to let be given?
  • I bought a house 3,two years ago in Sunderland when I worked locally. I got a new job which requires working in Watford. I travel down on Saturday morning and live with a family member during the week. I am now thinking of relocating with the family to avoid the commute. I am deliberating the possibility of renting out my current home. The mortgage is with Ulster Bank, would I have to move onto a new mortgage product or should I try to get consent to let?
  • For 8 I have a I have had a mortgage with Ulster Bank. My partner has bought a property in Southwark and I have the opportunity to live with him. Can I lease out my apartment with consent to let in case I need to move back? Also what legal paperwork must I provide Ulster Bank with when completing the consent to let form?
  • Were I to let my property with consent to let from Ulster Bank will will theybump up the interest rate? I am presently on a fixed rate for two years.
  • I am looking for some generic information on consent to let with Ulster Bank: I am moving to Spain for work. Potentially for a number of years. Nevertheless I will be on a 3 month probation period .I'm wanting to know how to go about getting consent to let from Ulster Bank and what charges are to be incurred
  • We are contemplating a remortgage and also thinking of renting the property in the years to come - Is there a cost with Ulster Bank to receive consent to let and what are the criteria?
  • Soon to remortgage my home but will likely be moving out in the next year and would be looking to rent it out. How quickly can you get consent to let from Ulster Bank?