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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Ulster Bank Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Ulster Bank consent to lease

  • Current flat worth £115,000. Outstanding mortgage £32k with seven years to run. Seek consent to let from Ulster Bank for current apartment and make use of income to pay off the last few years of the loan. Take out sixty % Ulster Bank loan on further property that becomes my primary address? Any reason I cant do this?
  • I want to rent out my existing residence as I wish to acquire a larger house for the family. I have a two year fixed mortgage with Ulster Bank. Provided I get the consent to let as I understand lenders are more than likely to push me towards getting BTL mortgage when the fixed term is finished. Could I refinance after a couple of years with an alternative lender? What connotations does that have apart from the higher rates - would I need a greater equity portion in the property too ie lower loan to value?
  • After fifteen years in London, I'm considering relocating to be closer to family. We've only been homeowners for the last two years and about to refinance with Ulster Bank. In the relocation destination, we are be looking at a 4 bedroom property around the £275k mark. I would preferably like to retain my existing property. Could I ask for Consent to Let from the proposed new mortgage provider Ulster Bank. If granted what are the likely conditions?
  • Due to a change in family circumstances my wife and I are moving to my parents house while they are away and letting our home out. What is best way to approach my mortgage lender for a 'Consent-to-Let' ? We will need to refinance in the next year will we then switch to a BTL product. We intend to return to our property at within the next twelve months?
  • I’m about to finish the fixed rate period of my two year fix with Ulster Bank and go on to the standard variable rate. Can you tell me if consent to let by Ulster Bank is a foregone conclusion, if there are fees, and if there are time limits?
  • My husband and I took a mortgage with Ulster Bank but am informed they have a stipulation that they refuse to grant consent to let the property to a housing association. Is this true and if so, is there a method to bypass this?
  • I am looking for consent to let for my house as I am moving out for four months currently fixed Ulster Bank mortgage with two years which is up in July next year.
  • I am looking at an offer to work in France and have been advised that I need to let Ulster Bank know so my mortgage is under consent to let? Please could you clarify the best way deal with this?