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Need professional advice for your consent to let with TSB plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

TSB consent to let: Q and A’s

  • We just obtained consent to let from TSB. After some effort, TSB have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. What is that?

  • I have been granted consent to let via TSB for a while now and they now wish to speak to me and I expect their agenda may be to rid themselves of me. Can you help?
  • I'm currently looking for a mortgage as FTB and considering TSB with my financial adviser. Suppose I choose a four year fixed rate I move in the property and after twelve months, an opportunity arises which involves a relocation necessitating moving out the area. In the case TSB grants me consent to let,would the interest rate stay as it is or would go up?
  • Am I obliged to inform TSB of my plan to take in a lodger. I have two spare rooms that could be used by lodgers and I was thinking that as the occupancy remains in keeping with that of the 'family' use of the property it might not require consent to let. Can you help clarify? I am taking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax implications.
  • My OH and I are planning to ask TSB for consent to let out our house in Harrow. We are relocating overseas for three years and would like to to rent out the property. I omitted to look into this when we took the TSB mortgage, and that was only because we never thought an opportunity like this would come up so was planning on occupying the property.
  • Do you know if I can keep my current homeowner mortgage with TSB if I start renting out? If the consent to let is given will they tie me into an increased rate?
  • My husband and I have a mortgage with TSB on our one bedroom apartment in Hackney. We are planning to buy a new house to move into. How do I switch my current mortgage on to consent to let?
  • I am fixing my homeowner mortgage with TSB but as a result of my job I may have to go abroad for few years. Will TSB allow and grant consent to let and there be any penalty