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Need professional advice for your consent to let with TSB plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

TSB consent to let: Q and A’s

  • I am interested in finding out more about the conditions customers have to meet before consent to let from TSB is granted. Do you know if there are any restrictions on who can be issued with consent?
  • Am with TSB and wonder if I am obliged to disclose if we no longer reside in my house. I fear that they may load the interest rate if we move and let it out but it's not very apparent what the increase would be. If I decide to lease my property out and apply for consent to let in what way would the payments go up?
  • My husband and I bought a house in Manchester and will be relocating to Bristol at the beginning of January. I have a letting agency and tenant now. I was planning to leave everything as it stands as I'm afraid TSB will insist that I change my mortgage rate over to a buy to let which is not financially viable. I appreciate that it would be preferable to obtain a consent to let via TSB but am afraid if I come clean it would result in a whole host of issues
  • We are currently in Melbourne and letting out our property in Barnet. This is not something we planned but an opportunity came up and we took it. The rent achieved on the property is insufficient to cover the mortgage so we transfer funds each month to make up the shortfall. Yesterday I got a letter in the mail from our lender telling me that because the property is being let out and has been for nearly two years we will have to pay 1.5% interest in addition to our current mortgage rate. One option is to sell up but this will be difficult as I am so far away. Could we remortgage with TSB and get consent to let?
  • As a result of career opportunities I will be relocating to Scotland and would like to rent the flat temporarily, are you able to confirm what steps I need to take in order to achieve consent to let from TSB?
  • What are the circumstances under which TSB will turn down a consent to let application?
  • I am already letting out my flat but may have sussed what has been going on. I have 5 months left on my fixed rate. How straightforward is it to get consent to let from TSB. Is it just a quick phone call, pay the fee and it's done there and then?
  • I recently purchased a property with 10% deposit for personal reasons. A homeloan was taken with TSB. But my circumstances have now changed. I am being transferred out of the area. Am I able to obtain consent to let from TSB and put the house up to let?