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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Mortgage Lender Limited? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to The Mortgage Lender consent to lease

  • We bought a mews house in 2013 for 230,00 with The Mortgage Lender. I got married to someone in the forces so moved in to married quarters in Qatar and now wish to obtain consent to let from The Mortgage Lender. Do you have any experience of consent to lease from The Mortgage Lender?

  • Two years ago my wife and I purchased our council house, in Camden,recently valued at £220k. It's completely paid for from our own funds, mortgage fee. We are prohibited from selling (without repaying back a significant amount of the discount) before five years have expired. Regardless, we want to retain it as a investment property to rent out. We wish to release some equity via a The Mortgage Lender mortgage. I am confident that my rental income would cover my monthly repayments so can I negotiate consent to let. is this something you can help me with?
  • I accept that I have been most foolish in failing to notify The Mortgage Lender that I’m renting my maisonette out. My most recent tenants have left the place in a state and I need to claim on malicious damage. I’m nervous that my insurer will contact The Mortgage Lender, and secondly if they do inform them, what are they likely to do given the absence of consent to let?
  • We would like to be informed of what the policy is for The Mortgage Lender for consent to let. I have heard differing suggestions in relation to charges and rates. I need to relocate for work but I don't want to sell the house due to a depressed market.
  • Do you know if consent to let is something that The Mortgage Lender offer?
  • If I were to apply for consent to let from The Mortgage Lender how long will it take to hear back?
  • My husband and I have a consent to let letter that I have attained from my management company. I would think I need to attaching this with a letter to The Mortgage Lender with a view to securing consent to let from them. What address shall I mail it to?
  • I am looking to place my house on rent due to job commitments and was enquiring if this is possible to negotiate consent to let. It is on a fixed rate mortgage with The Mortgage Lender at the moment until 2017 September