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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Mortgage Business? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

The Mortgage Business consent to let: Q and A’s

  • I am about to join the property ladder interested in a terraced house in The Mortgage Business. I have a good size deposit will be getting a mortgage from The Mortgage Business. My predicament is that my girlfriend owns a flat in Maida Vale and I anticipate moving in next month, at which point I would want to let out my property. I have heard of consent to let but it does not sound like a guaranteed option. Can you offer any advice?

  • If I were to rent out my ground floor flat with consent to let via The Mortgage Business, what evidence would be required of tenancy? If after twelve months I decided to let it on a series of holiday term rental, am I still required to supply proof to The Mortgage Business, or will they leave me alone provided they receive payment each month? For example if I rent the rooms out individually at a later stage, is there any reason for The Mortgage Business to know and would they take issue?
  • In what circumstances will consent to let for a property be given by The Mortgage Business? How long do you have to have had ownership of the property before consent to let can be granted by The Mortgage Business? In order to give you some history we are going abroad for a year and a half with my wife’s company and will need to rent our property. I am looking at applying for consent to let in the first instance to be able to put a tenant in it to cover the costs of the The Mortgage Business mortgage.
  • Eight months ago my building society (not The Mortgage Business) granted me with consent to let. The condition was that every 6 months they would levy a charge of 0.5% of the remaining mortgage amount. Having the first few payments they have omitted to make the charge in recent months. Should I be worried that this means that my consent to let has been canceled .
  • My mortgage company wont grant consent to let until I have a move in date confirmed with a tenant. How can I confirm this without consent to let? I am not certain but I vaguely recall my friend had a similar issue with The Mortgage Business.
  • I am looking to The Mortgage Business to issue me with consent to let out my flat in Ealing. I am moving to Mexico for 5 months on a secondment.
  • I have a mortgage with The Mortgage Business on a 2 year fixed rate. I may have chance of a teaching job in Belgium next July. Would I be eligible for consent to let by The Mortgage Business were I to accept this job overseas?
  • We have a fixed rate mortgage with The Mortgage Business and are considering obtaining consent to let so that we can apply for a further mortgage on another property that I own on a buy to let basis. Ahead of applying it would be helpful to know the connotations of making the change and any facts that we need to consider.