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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Swansea Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Swansea Building Society consent to lease

  • I have had an existing homeloan with Swansea Building Society coming up to 2 years and the fixed rate is about to expire. We are looking at taking equity out of our existing address to allow us to buy a more substantial home and then let out the existing maisonette. We have had initial advice that we will look for a new domestic mortgage allowing for consent to let - what does this mean?
  • My wife and I I have a homeowner mortgage with Swansea Building Society but I would like to occasionally take in I obliged to obtain consent to let from Swansea Building Society?
  • I am in possession of a mortgage offer from Swansea Building Society, but we hit a brick wall. My husband is a teacher in a boarding school, and as such we are provided with accommodation as part of his employment. We wish to buy a garden flat with a view to joining the property ladder, and rent it out while we're living at the school accommodation. I had thought Swansea Building Society would grant consent to let from the outset of the loan. It transpires that I may not be able to get consent to let. Can you give me any ideas what we can do?
  • Me and my husband are in a complex mortgage scenario in the last couple of month. We have to let our apartment with consent to let and move to a new due to schooling. We now rent a home. We are finding it extremely difficult to find a better mortgage deal for our consent to let home. Is there is a list available as to which lenders grant consent to let and what their conditions are?
  • I wish to be informed of the criteria and procedures in place to change my Swansea Building Society mortgage to a consent to let?
  • I am looking for consent to let for my house as I am moving out for six months currently fixed Swansea Building Society mortgage with two years which is up on May next year.
  • I have had my mortgage with Swansea Building Society for the previous eighteen months and I am interested in finding out some more information about the possibility of getting 'consent to let’.
  • In the event that I was successful in obtaining consent to let from Swansea Building Society, can I sell during the consent period? Is it possible that I would incur any penalties?