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Need professional advice for your consent to let with State Bank of India UK? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to State Bank of India UK consent to lease

  • I have a State Bank of India UK mortgage on an apartment I own, in Southwark. This year, resulting from a change of personal circumstances I decided to rent out this flat, and rent another property in a different area within same loc. The state of affairs that changed is that I started cohabiting with my partner, and the flat is too small for our needs. I would rather not dispose of the flat because the current market value is 20% less than when I acquired the flat in 2007. I wrote to State Bank of India UK for a consent to let which was refused as they considered that I wanted to invest in the flat. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, as i am at the end of my tether. There is a sense of urgencybecause there is already a prospective tenant waiting for this consent to let and could pull out.Please call me to discuss
  • I would like to explore if I can obtain consent to let on my existing apartment. I have a mortgage with State Bank of India UK but my circumstances have changed. I'm looking to move in with my partner and son who have a house and is larger than my small apartment. I am unlikely to qualify for a buy to let mortgage as I don't have the funds for a deposit nor do I earn in excess of £25000 per annum.
  • What is the procedures for obtaining consent to let from State Bank of India UK? What documents do they ask for? is there a fee to pay? Is consent generally limited in time and if so, for how long? Do I need to renew it every year? What if I obtain a consent but decide not to rent the property out?
  • We are looking to lease our studio flat out. We have put an offer on another property for us to purchase and have a tenant to move into ours. I assume I have to ask our lender State Bank of India UK for consent to let. Is there a standard consent to let request letter I can copy?
  • I was just curious as to whether State Bank of India UK would give consent to let and what kind of charges, penalties and new rates etc
  • I am nine months into a three year residential mortgage with State Bank of India UK. Just enquiring if it's permitted to let out the flat on my current mortgage. Will State Bank of India UK issue consent to let?
  • I don't currently have consent to let from State Bank of India UK but I would like to change to one, I am looking at working away for a couple of years. But want to keep my house for when I come back - can you help?
  • My fiance and I have a mortgage with State Bank of India UK on our 2 bed flat in Islington. We are planning to buy a new house to move into. How do I switch my current mortgage on to consent to let?