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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Skipton Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Skipton Building Society consent to let

  • My wife and I have a Skipton Building Society home loan and are are up to date with payments, both employed etc. Can you tell me how much the fees are and if Skipton Building Society are likely to give us consent to let without transferring to a commercial rate?

  • In August 2013 I was issued consent to let from my existing lender which is about to run out. I have since been traveling and had my first child. My part time salary is not sufficient just now to pay the mortgage on my own. My lender has advised me that I can't extend my consent to let and if I continue renting out I will be in action would be taken for breaching my mortgage contract. As a result of my low income I it is likely that I will be refused to transfer to a BTL product. One option I am thinking about is remortgaging to Skipton Building Society. Are they likely to grant consent to let from the start?
  • I have a home loan with Skipton Building Society on a property and I wish to find a tenant for it out and rent an alternative house as a result of changes in personal circumstances - I want to move to a different area, and to live in a bigger house with my partner. I sought consent to let and yesterday got reply with a refusal as they determined that I want to invest. I dont know what to do now. I find myself at risk since I already have rented a new property and am faced with paying both Skipton Building Society and rent payments, which could expose me financially. The matter needs to be addressed soon because a prospective tenant at the ready
  • I have been a mortgage borrower with Skipton Building Society for 1999. My divorce went through three years ago and bought the ex wife out. My situation has changed, I would like to retain my house but move in with my new partner, letting my house out. I have been told by my IFA that I can request consent to let by Skipton Building Society instead of a buy to let mortgage as I I did not buy the house in the first place in order to let, advice please?
  • My wife and I are looking to ask Skipton Building Society for consent to let out our house in Harrow. We are relocating overseas for 2 years and wish to rent out the property. I didn't check this out when we got the Skipton Building Society mortgage, and that was purely because we never anticipated an opportunity would arise such as this so was planning on occupying the house.
  • I wishing to obtain consent to let for my house as I am moving out for 6 months currently fixed Skipton Building Society mortgage with two years which is up on May next year.
  • We have a new mortgage however my girlfriend doesn't feel safe in the property due to other tenants in the block. I know that many lenders have a 6 month thing before consent to let - does this apply to all lenders. Is there any way Skipton Building Society would allow it at the outset?
  • One year into a mortgage with Skipton Building Society due to job offer.. need to relocate. Is it possible to get buy to let or consent to let.