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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Secure Trust Bank PLC? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Secure Trust Bank consent to lease

  • We just received consent to let from Secure Trust Bank. After some effort, Secure Trust Bank have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. What is that?

  • I wish to move home and I am curious as to whether I can get consent to let on my house then get a mortgage approval for the new house so I can put in an offer thus being chain free and then rent my property out when I move. Will my lender Secure Trust Bank grant consent to let for a year if they know I am wanting to purchase a further property or only where one is moving short term for career reasons?
  • Because of my job, I am in a position where I anticipate that Secure Trust Bank will grant me with Consent to Let from day one of owning a property. I currently plan to purchase a property locally and let it out, I will remain in the house that is provided (rent payable) by my employer. As I will be renting out the property I will clearly have to prepare a Self Assessment Tax Return, but I just want to check that although it is my only property (and it is not on a BTL mortgage), will I still be able to claim Tax relief for the interest on the loan and the associated costs of letting out the property. I can only find advice for those with a buy-to-let mortgage, but mine will technically not be B2L.
  • I am in the armed forces and am looking to buy a home with a Secure Trust Bank mortgage. I would like to get consent to let this house to my sister. In years to come I would live in the property myself when I leave the armed forces. Is this possible?
  • I have recently got married and I am in the process of buying out 100% of my co-ownership mortgage with my wife. As a result we have now been given a 90% loan to value on our house. We want to buy a larger home. Will it be possible to get a consent to let on my new mortgage with Secure Trust Bank to allow us to get a mortgage also with Secure Trust Bank for a new home?
  • There is a chance of me going to Aus for twelve months with work. Planning on taking the husband with me and hoping to rent our UK home in the meantime on a short term basis to make matters more cost effective. I was just wondering if there any costs for obtaining consent to let
  • I am trying to investigate if it is possible to get a consent to let mortgage with Secure Trust Bank rather than a buy to let mortgage
  • My husband and I took out a mortgage with Secure Trust Bank a few months ago and although it's only a possibility we may have to relocate around next Spring and would like to be able to lease our flat out. Would this be possible with a residential mortgage?