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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Secure Trust Bank PLC? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Secure Trust Bank Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • I currently have a standard mortgage with Secure Trust Bank. I have been offered a property as part of my job and would like to rent out my existing property. The financial advisor has advised me it is a formality. Are you able to provide me with some information please?
  • Your view would be appreciated as to whether consent to let from Secure Trust Bank is the right approach. I purchased my house last July by porting an existing Secure Trust Bank mortgage product. My fixed term came to an end two months ago I'm weighing up moving in with a new partner. I don't want to sell my property yet as I have no idea as to whether the new move will work out. Would it be likely that Secure Trust Bank would grant a consent to let based on me letting out my property on a short hold tenancy for 1-2 years and then I will commit to a B2L product or sell it?
  • Meeting with my broker on Thursday. I will seek Consent to Let from my current lender Secure Trust Bank. My new property in Hounslow will be 75% loan to value. I have been told by a friend that some lenders still dont accept consent to let customers and I may have issues regarding my new mortgage. Is there any truth in this?
  • I have been leasing my flat to a tenant for two years but not on a buy to let mortgage as I thought that you only needed a BTL if you had more than one property. In trying to acquire a second property, I discovered that I should have obtained consent to let at the outset from my lender Secure Trust Bank. I'm enquiring whether I can now ask Secure Trust Bank for a consent to let?
  • We have a new mortgage however my girlfriend doesn't feel safe in the property due to other tenants in the block. I know that many lenders have a half year rule before consent to let - does this apply to all lenders. Is there any way Secure Trust Bank would grant consent to let from the start?
  • I have a mortgage with Secure Trust Bank but would like to rent my house out and move in with my girlfriend and baby what would I have to do to get consent to let?
  • Will Secure Trust Bank give consent to let my apartment? I currently have a residential mortgage, never been in arrears and have been with Secure Trust Bank for a little under six years now. What costs am I likely to incur
  • I was just wondering if there are any charges in obtaining consent to let on a freehold property when I have a mortgage with Secure Trust Bank