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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Scottish Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Scottish Building Society consent to lease

  • What are the chances of Scottish Building Society in issuing me with Consent To Let on a one bedroom apartment? It is currently on the market and it has been for a couple of weeks. I need to sell but I'm concerned that if there are no takers I will need to let out the property in order to cover the monthly payments to Scottish Building Society (I no longer live there). I would prefer to be open with Scottish Building Society than keep them in the dark but I am worried as to how understanding they will be.
  • My partner and I (joint owner) are in the process of remortgaging with Scottish Building Society. I was doing some research concerning consent to let from Scottish Building Society to understand the rules around potentially renting our current flat out (probably in a year or 2) if we moved away. The property in question was a first-time purchase for us about 2 years ago. We are living there now.
  • My gf and I might have to let out her flat, and I have a query concerning getting authority to do so. I know I need to inform Scottish Building Society and get a consent to let or move to a buy to let product. But the property is leasehold, so do we have to get consent to let from the residents association?
  • It seems as though I will have the chance to go and work overseas in a couple of years. I am therefore thinking of downsizing to a newer flat in Newham which I could rent out more easily when the time comes. I would aim to keep 50% equity in the new flat which would be my home for a while. My existing mortgage provider will only grant consent to let for 12 months. I expect to be renting it out longer term and not informing them could result in a whole heap of legal issues. B2L seems unnecessarily expensive given that I will be living there, maybe for 2-3 years initially. What type of mortgage do I ask for, and from which lender? Do lenders such as Scottish Building Society grant consent to let for an open ended period?
  • I am considering renting my flat will Scottish Building Society invoice me for a consent to let letter?
  • What are the circumstances under which Scottish Building Society will turn down a consent to let application?
  • Prospective tenants are about to rent my property and I have mortgage offer from Scottish Building Society on new house on condition of consent to let for original house. How long should it take to receive letter once I send back a completed application with cheque.
  • Will Scottish Building Society choose to exercise a right to change the rates on a domestic mortgage where Consent to Let at any time, onto ‘rates equivalent to their Buy to Let range'? Is it possible to remortgage on a consent to let with Scottish Building Society?