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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Santander? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Santander consent to lease

  • My wife and I have a standard variable rate mortgage with Santander. This has been in place for four years. We are intending on letting out our property and renting in a village near our daughter’s school until we find the right property to buy. Do Santander usually give consent to let and if so, what are the financial implications?
  • Camden residence valued at £100k. Santander mortgage owing £18k with six years left. Get consent to let via Santander for current premises and utilise rent to pay off the last few years of the loan. Take out 65 % Santander mortgage on further house that becomes my primary address? Can this be done?
  • I have a apartment in Lambeth with a Santander mortgage but have not lived there for a while. My dad moved in but is there rent free. I currently live in rented accommodation and am keen to purchase a house. I have found a perfect property at reasonable price. I have sufficient for a deposit to put down on the house I am interested in but would be hard pushed to pay enough off the old property to change it to a buy to let loan at the same time. Can I switch the current Santander mortgage for my old apartment into a consent to let and use my savings to pay a larger deposit for the homeowner mortgage on the property that I want to buy?
  • I took out a standard mortgage with Santander last November and then had to relocate due to my job, I am now considering letting my property out for a few months whilst I am abroad. What are my chances of obtaining consent to let from Santander, and what effect would this have?
  • My partner and I purchased a property in Manchester with Santander and am moving to rent a property in Brighton due to work. Is consent to let from Santanderpossible? I am only looking to let out the flat for half a year before selling.
  • Hi my partner and I own and live in 2 separate properties can I obtain consent to let from Santander and let my ground floor flat out if I move in with her?
  • We have a mortgage with Santander at present and just enquiring where I can I get a consent to application form from
  • One year into a homeloan with Santander due to work reasons need to relocate. Is it possible to get buy to let or consent to let.