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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc Direct Line Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

RBS - Direct Line consent to let: Q and A’s

  • My wife and I have a RBS - Direct Line home loan and are are not in arrears, in gainful employment etc. Do you know how much the fees are and if RBS - Direct Line are likely to give us consent to let without porting the loan to a commercial rate?

  • I purchased a house 3,two years ago in Liverpool when I worked locally. I got a new job which necessitated working in Wimbledon. I commute down on Saturday afternoon and live with a family member mid week. I am now thinking ofmoving home to avoid the commute. I am deliberating the option of renting out my current home. The mortgage is with RBS - Direct Line, would I have to change my mortgage product or do I apply for consent to let?
  • I have just been on a call with RBS - Direct Line and they tell me that it has come to their attention that I have been letting out the maisonette even though it is on a resi mortgage. I moved out a couple of years ago for work reasons, couldn't sell and was left with little choice to rent out the property. Are you able to advise me on the financial repercussions will be for me not getting consent to let?
  • My daughter is going to work abroad for twelve months and would like to let her apartment out. She has a RBS - Direct Line fixed rate mortgage on repayment and wants consent to let the property as well as transfer to interest only. What does she need to do?
  • What is the longest period that RBS - Direct Line is willing to issue Consent To Let for?
  • Circumstances: I am moving to Amsterdam for work. This might be for a number of years. Nevertheless I will be on a four month probation period .I'm wanting to know how to go about getting consent to let from RBS - Direct Line and what charges are involved
  • I am considering relocating with work and would need to rent my property out. I have a mortgage with RBS - Direct Line. My property is worth approx £185k and owe £57k on it. Do you think RBS - Direct Line increase my interest rate?
  • Is consent to let a cost efficient way of renting out your property? Isn't this a loophole for some people to exploit?