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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Precise Mortgages (Charter Court Financial Services Ltd)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Precise Mortgages consent to let

  • Frank (my fiance) and I may need to let our Waltham Forest home temporarily due to a career opportunity. This will be short-term but perhaps for 4 years. Must I notify Precise Mortgages or do I remain silent?

  • We are a newly married couple and we have identified a apartment in Waltham Forest that we like and wish to get a mortgage with Precise Mortgages. My concern is that I am pregnant and about to give birth very soon as I am on the last few weeks of pregnancy. This wouldn't make it impossible for us to move right away so we are contemplating living with our parents for about six months. Meanwhile, if we get this property, we can lease it out. We just wondering how will that work out? Will we be liable to be given consent to let from Precise Mortgages
  • What information do Precise Mortgages need to to decide whether to grant consent to let. I am on a 5 year fix with them. I have never defaulted in payments. I am looking at moving to the countryside due to surprising growth of family. I will be retaining my existing job and my salary has gone up 15% since the mortgage started.
  • Me and my brother jointly own a property in Wandsworth with a Precise Mortgages mortgage. I want to vacate and buy a house with my fiancee. How would I deal with leasing out my room? Would I need consent to let via Precise Mortgages. My brother will continue to reside in the apartment
  • This is not a question specific to Precise Mortgages but do mortgage companies generally provide the information I need for my Buy to Let or Consent to Let self-assessment tax returns?
  • I am looking to Precise Mortgages to grant consent to let out my basement flat in Enfield. I am travelling for a year
  • I want to take in lodgers for my one bedroom second floor purpose built maisonette in Waltham Forest which I live in. My mortgage is with Precise Mortgages. Will they grant consent to let?
  • Last month purchased my home and took out a mortgage with Precise Mortgages but my boyfriend has asked me to move in with him. Would I be granted consent to let?