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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Money (PUK)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Pepper Money (UK) consent to lease

  • My husband and I live in a house where we have some empty rooms. We are considering the option of running an AirBnB style operation to let rooms out on a short term basis. Do you know this is likely to be permitted in accordance with Pepper Money (UK)’s standard 'consent to let' process?
  • Me and my brother are joint proprietors of a small apartment in Enfield with a Pepper Money (UK) mortgage. I am looking to move out and purchase a new property with my fiancee. How would I deal with sub-letting my room? Do I need consent to let by Pepper Money (UK). My brother will stay in the apartment
  • My current mortgage provider is Pepper Money (UK). Where do I download the consent to let application forms from, as we are already letting the property?
  • How many months after getting a new mortgage will a consent to let be likely to be granted by Pepper Money (UK)? By way of history I purchased my property in Lambeth nearly two years ago and am currently on a three year fixed rate. Not long after I met a guy and now we are looking at moving in to his place. I intend to get a better fixed term next December. I presume that I would have to wait at least 6 months before I could seek consent to let. Is that right?
  • I am 12 months into a five year first time buyer mortgage with Pepper Money (UK). Just curious whether it's ok to rent out the flat on my existing home loan. Will Pepper Money (UK) grant consent to let?
  • As of today I have a mortgage with Pepper Money (UK). I am considering renting and buying another property but this is all new to me. How do I go about getting a consent to let from Pepper Money (UK)?
  • Me and my husband spoken to someone at Pepper Money (UK) about switching our existing mortgage to consent to let (the existing 2 year fix comes to an end in september next year). Can I just confirm that I need to send a letter setting out our change in circumstance to Pepper Money (UK)? Where do I need to send the letter to?
  • What happens if a borrower has already rented out the property for a number of years as an HMO and now want to go legit with Pepper Money (UK) by obtaining consent to let ? (assume Pepper Money (UK) had already given a residential mortgage previously)