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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Money? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Pepper Money consent to let

  • Do you know if it is possible to receive consent to let with residential loan with Pepper Money? My husband and I are looking to relocate to Tower Hamlets to live closer to our daughter’s college, but we are uncertain whether the relocation will be for more than twelve months.
  • I have a current mortgage contract with Pepper Money and need clarify if it would be possible to receive consent to let out our ground floor flat in Southwark.

    The purpose for needing to rent out the property are are due to: -

    • My wife and I will be migrating to Cape Town early next year.
    • By letting out the house this will enable us to make some savings to support the migration process.
    • It would be pointless from a financial perspective to pay outright for a property which we are no longer residing in and by renting out the place this would be deemed as an ongoing investment.

    If Pepper Money agreed that we are able to proceed with renting we would propose some financial assurances to include: -

    • Maintain paying the monthly mortgage payment directly from my bank account.
    • Retain the services of an accredited letting agent who will provide a rent guarantee scheme as a further financial protection.
    • Supply our forwarding details for when we emigrate.
  • I have a property that's currently under shared ownership (My share is 50%) and I bought it in September 2014. I plan to go through the full purchase of the house. Me and my wife have also got a further house that we are looking to purchase. Mortgage in principle has been issued by Pepper Money. I want to know that I will be able to put the existing house through consent to let as soon as the remainder share has been purchased so, that we can start the process of buying the new home
  • I have a property in Redbridge with a Pepper Money mortgage but have not lived there for a while. My sister moved in but pays no rent. I currently live in rented accommodation and am looking to purchase a house. I have identified an ideal property at reasonable price. I have sufficient for a deposit to put down on the house I am interested in but would be a financial strain to pay enough off the old property to switch it to a BTL mortgage at the same time. Can I change the current Pepper Money mortgage for my old apartment into a consent to let and use my reserves to pay a larger deposit for the homeowner mortgage on the property that I want to buy?
  • It is looking as though I may need to move to Boston for a couple of years, I have a house with a Pepper Money mortgage. Do I need to ask consent to let? Will they give it?
  • How easy is it to obtain a consent to let from Pepper Money and what are the fees? If I want to let out my property for a couple of months how simple is it to fluctuate between a standard mortgage and consent to let?
  • I'm wanting to know how to go about getting consent to let from Pepper Money and what fees are to be incurred. Last week I moved in with my husband and have a colleague renting from me.
  • I am after further information regarding consent to let mortgages, potentially moving our current mortgage with Pepper Money over to a consent to let one.