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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Money? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Pepper Money consent to let

  • We are are looking to join the property ladder, presently renting. We want to buy a garden flat in Newham. We want to move there, but will need to wait for a job - perhaps 2-3 years. Do we need to seek a B2L loan? Could we have a 1st time buyer mortgage with Pepper Money, even though we won't be moving in straight away? Or could we move there for half a year, then start renting it with consent to let from Pepper Money? I'm only evaluating suggestions that are completely legal, and wouldn't breach the terms of the mortgage with Pepper Money.
  • Me and my brother are joint proprietors of a property in Lambeth with a Pepper Money mortgage. I want to move out and buy a house with my fiancee. How do I deal with renting out my room? Would I need consent to let via Pepper Money. My brother will stay in the apartment
  • Hello, I have consent to let my house with Pepper Money and am about to give my tenant two months notice as I intend to sell the property. I am worried about the property being unoccupied when the tenant leaves and finding a buyer. I have never defaulted on the account, would it be possible to take payment holidays pending the sale of the property?
  • Am I required to notify Pepper Money of my plan to rent a room out to a lodger. I have two spare rooms that could be used by lodgers and I was thinking that as the occupancy remains in keeping with that of the 'family' use of the property it might not require consent to let. Can you shed any light on this? I am taking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax ramifications.
  • I was just enquiring if Pepper Money were picky when giving out consent to let. I sent my request on date and I am waiting to hear back. Should I start chasing or wait for a bit longer?
  • I am a Pepper Money borrower. I would like to apply for consent to let my flat. I have been waiting for a response from Pepper Money. Are you able to please check and help?
  • In the event that I was successful in obtaining consent to let from Pepper Money, could I sell during the consent period? Is it possible that I would incur any charges?
  • Will I need consent to let from Pepper Money if I am intending to occupy the property myself for three months of the year? Also if I obtain consent to let for a limited time, say up to two years, what happens thereafter.