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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Homeloans? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to Pepper Homeloans consent to lease

  • We just received consent to let from Pepper Homeloans. After some effort, Pepper Homeloans have issued me with ‘consent to let’ confirmation . Mention is made of an assured shorthold tenancy. Can you explain what this is?

  • I obtained consent to let from Pepper Homeloans two yrs ago but failed to need it and have since refinanced with a new lender. I recently sought for consent to let. I was informed that it would be forthcoming since their requirements were met. Yet recently received a communication advising me that I must provide evidence from the DWP confirming that that are aware of my current situation before they can issue authorisation. They said this is policy but I have not been able to find these conditions on their site. I did complain about the insinuation that I might intend to continue to claim help with interest from the DWP whilst receiving rental on the property. They apologised and offered to deposit £40 in my account . However i still am unable to locate this term and condition and i feel this is otherwise inappropriate I want to let my property as a way of releasing me from redress to social benefits not in order to continue with them
  • Me and my husband have a fixed mortgage with Pepper Homeloans (with a little over eighteen months left) but due to redundancy want to move away from London (actually to a new job in Belgium) and so wish to rent the property out. We are keen to avoid the expense of an early redemption charge and understand that some lenders are content to give this 'consent'...what is the approach taken by Pepper Homeloans?
  • Am I obliged to inform Pepper Homeloans of my plan to rent a room out to a lodger. I have two spare rooms that could be used by lodgers and I was thinking that as the occupancy remains in keeping with that of the 'family' use of the property it might not require consent to let. Can you help clarify? I am taking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax ramifications.
  • We have a letter to Pepper Homeloans requesting consent to let signed and ready, but I'm not sure what address I should mail this to. Can you please help me with the address?
  • If I let my property with consent to let from Pepper Homeloans will will theyjack up the interest rate? I am currently on a fixed rate for three years.
  • I currently have my mortgage with Pepper Homeloans and have been for the past twenty months and I am interested in finding out some more information about the possibility of obtaining 'consent to let’.
  • I am currently refinancing and investigating the flexibility of certain lenders when it comes to consent to let. Pepper Homeloans is one of the lenders I am considering. How accommodating are they are far as consent to let is concerned?