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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Pepper Homeloans? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Pepper Homeloans consent to let

  • We acquired a mews house in 2013 for 175,500 with Pepper Homeloans. My husbands career requires that we move to Gibraltar and realise that I need to request consent to let from Pepper Homeloans. Do you have any experience of consent to lease from Pepper Homeloans?

  • My lender has placed me between a rock and a hard place with a Consent to Let home loan. Having sought consent to let my lender has requested that I produce a signed tenancy agreement before they will grant permission. Is is not the case that if I adhered to their request that I would be violating the lender’s terms and conditions?

  • How likely are Pepper Homeloans in granting Consent To Let on a garden flat? It is currently on the market and it has been for six weeks. I need to sell but I'm concerned that if there is no interest I will need to rent out the property in order to cover the mortgage to Pepper Homeloans (I no longer live there). My preference is to come clean with Pepper Homeloans than do it on the sly but I'm not sure how helpful they would be.
  • My wife and I own a flat in MIddlesbrough and will be relocating to Cornwall at the end of March. I have a letting agency and tenant lined up. I was proposing to leave everything as it stands as I'm concerned Pepper Homeloans will insist that I change my mortgage rate over to a buy to let which is not economically viable. I appreciate that it would be preferable to gain a consent to let via Pepper Homeloans but am afraid if I open Pandora's box it would result in a whole host of problems
  • I previously took a mortgage with Pepper Homeloans, but I have to get consent to let for around a year as my partner is unwell and is struggling to balance work with the hectic environment we are living in. We want to take a break for twelve months (by living near her mother and stepfather and having their help) in a greener more relaxed part of London.
  • Would I be able to remortgage to Pepper Homeloans from my current lender, with a consent to let or do I need a let to buy mortgage, and if so what are the LTV's?
  • Will Pepper Homeloans choose to exercise a right to change the rates on a homeowner mortgage where Consent to Let at any time, onto ‘rates equivalent to their Buy to Let range'? Is it possible to refinance on a consent to let with Pepper Homeloans?
  • Last month I purchased a house with 10% deposit for personal uses. A mortgage was taken with Pepper Homeloans. However my circumstances have now changed. I am being transferred overseas. Am I able to obtain consent to let from Pepper Homeloans and put the house up for rent?