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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Penrith Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Penrith Building Society consent to lease

  • Soon to be packing up as my partner and I will move back to New Zealandin Month, initially short-term but it could be longer term. I'm in the process of writing to Penrith Building Society to obtain consent to let out our property (we have already found tenants). I have had a mortgage with Penrith Building Society for 9 years and I have never had any arrears. Penrith Building Society advise, that even if they give permission, that this will be limited consent for 12 months. After the year is up what happens next?

  • What do I do if my request for consent to let is subsequently refused by Penrith Building Society?

  • Me and my partner are looking to purchase a maisonette with 10% down payment with the aim of living there. However in the next two years the in-laws are arranging to move abroad In the event that we proceed with a residential mortgage with Penrith Building Society would we likely encounter any difficulties with gaining consent to let ?
  • I have been leasing my flat to a tenant for three years but not on a buy to let mortgage as I thought that you only required a buy to let if you had more than one mortgage. In trying to buy a further property, I discovered that I should have had consent to let all along from my lender Penrith Building Society. I'm wondering whether I can now seek consent to let from Penrith Building Society?
  • I’m about to finish the fixed rate period of my two year fix with Penrith Building Society and go on to the current variable rate. I would like to know whether consent to let from Penrith Building Society is likely, if there are fees, and if there conditions?
  • I am looking for consent to let for my flat as I am moving out for six months currently fixed Penrith Building Society mortgage with three years which is up in April next year.
  • I am considering relocating with work and would need to rent my property out. I have a mortgage with Penrith Building Society. My property is worth approx £200k and owe £85k on it. Will Penrith Building Society increase my mortgage rate?
  • I am looking at some alternative lifestyle. I have a Penrith Building Society mortgage, if I become a Australian resident but wish to rent my UK house, ...what do I need to do to get consent to let. Can this be obtained on via email ?