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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Paratus AMC Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Paratus AMC consent to let

  • I spoke to a mortgage broker friend last recently. She said that were I to decide to move abroad with my job for a period then I should not apply for consent to let from my lender (Paratus AMC) until at least four weeks before I plan to lease out the property. Does that mean I have to find a tenant first and then obtain a consent to let?
  • I have a Paratus AMC mortgage on an apartment I own, in Merton. Last month, due to a change in personal circumstances I decided to let out the apartment, and rent an alternative property in a different area within same loc. The state of affairs that altered is that I started living with my partner, and the flat is not large enough for us. I do not want to try to dispose of the flat because the current market value is significantly lower than when I purchased the property seven years ago. I wrote to Paratus AMC for a consent to let which was refused as they considered that my intention was to invest in the flat. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as i am at the end of my tether. There is a sense of urgencyas there is a prospective tenant waiting for this consent to let and may look elsewhere.Many thanks
  • I wish to move home and I am enquiring if I can get consent to let on my property then get a mortgage approval for the new house so I can put in an offer without being part of a chain and then lease my property out when I move. Will my lender Paratus AMC grant consent to let for 12 months if they know I am wanting to buy somewhere else or only where one is moving temporarily for my job?
  • Is it possible to change a homeowner mortgage with Paratus AMC to a consent to let. It will be less than 65% ltv and it would alter from repayment to an interest only loan?
  • Hello, what documents or paperwork would Paratus AMC require for a consent to let letter?
  • What information should I include in a letter requesting consent to let my property in Newham? I would like to send a request to my mortgage provider Paratus AMC.
  • My Paratus AMC mortgage is coming up for renewal. We would like to apply for a new residential mortgage and then seek consent-to-let. Is this possible? We don't use the house much now that our kids have grown up, and would be better used as a rental.
  • I'm interested in more information about consent to let from Paratus AMC. Would a valid reason be issues with neighbours and the house is too big for me to run at this moment in time?