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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Newcastle Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Newcastle Building Society Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • I'm currently seeking a mortgage as first time buyer and considering Newcastle Building Society with my financial adviser. Suppose I choose a three year fixed rate I live at the property and after twelve months, I come to get an opportunity of work relocation effectively moving overseas. If Newcastle Building Society grants me consent to let,does the rate remain the same or would go up?
  • I have a mortgage with Newcastle Building Society on a flat and I intend to rent it out and rent another property due to changes in personal circumstances - I want to move to a different location, and to live in a larger property with my fiance. I applied for consent to let and yesterday got a response refusing as they considered that I want to invest. I dont know what my options are. I am now at risk since I already have rented a new home and would have to pay both Newcastle Building Society and rent payments, which could expose me financially. The matter is urgent as a prospective tenant at the ready
  • I have a home that's presently under shared ownership (My share is 60per cent) purchased in July 2014. I am currently going through the full purchase of the house. Me and my wife also have in mind a further house that we are hoping to buy. Mortgage in principle has been approved by Newcastle Building Society. I would like to know that I will be able to put the existing house through consent to let as soon as the remainder share has been purchased so, that we can start the process of purchasing the new home
  • As we are relocating and failing to find a buyer for our property, we are mulling over letting it out. Am I duty bound to advise Newcastle Building Society? I am concerned that Newcastle Building Society might change our terms. I was hoping that if I continued making my monthly payments it shouldn't be a problem, but am now worried about insurance connotations if we haven't come clean. Any feedback?
  • My husband and I have a Newcastle Building Society home loan currently and potentially wish to let it out temporarily with consent from Newcastle Building Society for (eighteen months). Is this possible?
  • I am nine months into a five year domestic mortgage with Newcastle Building Society. Just curious whether it's permitted to lease out the property on my current mortgage. Will Newcastle Building Society give consent to let?
  • I wish to buy a new home but can't afford to sell the existing apartment with a Newcastle Building Society mortgage. Do you know acceptable terms for Newcastle Building Society to issue consent to let? Is getting married and having children an acceptable reason to seek consent?
  • I have fixed rate mortgage with Newcastle Building Society. I may have to rent out my place due to necessity. Were I to seek consent to let, will I have to pay significantly more interest?