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Need professional advice for your consent to let with New Street Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to New Street Mortgages consent to lease

  • Last month I received consent to let on a homeowner homeloan with New Street Mortgages with the intention of transferring to a BTL rate when the fixed rate expires within the next months, so I'm not sure if this adds to the complexity of the issue! Any recommendations gratefully appreciated.
  • I would like to let my maisonette out from mid June this year as I will be travelling for a few months. I have a residential mortgage with New Street Mortgages. I will not be letting for more than six months. Most likely it will be four months. I have been told to get consent from my freeholder first? Please can you suggest what I should be doing in what order?
  • Is it possible? I have a New Street Mortgages mortgage on my property (with quite a bit of equity). I want to buy and live in a second house but keep my old house and rent it out. How can I fund a second mortgage without selling my old property and using the equity as a deposit for the new property. Is there anyway I can change my old mortgage to a buy to let mortgages or obtain consent to let and take on a second mortgage without having a deposit to put down.
  • We are just about to receive a mortgage offer from New Street Mortgages for a freehold house. I have applied via a broker. It is a 20 year mortgage. I wonder what is the main criteria New Street Mortgages adopt in order to grant customers consent to let? Is consent to let based on the rental yield of a property?
  • Will New Street Mortgages want to know my reasons for seeking consent to let? Is it wise to inform them of my potential relocation abroad?
  • At the moment I do not have consent to let by New Street Mortgages but I would like to apply, An opportunity has arisen which might involve me working away for eighteen months. But want to keep my house for my return - are you able to help?
  • We are looking at new mortgages and also exploring the possibility of renting the property in the future - Is there a charge with New Street Mortgages to obtain a consent to let and what are the criteria?
  • Will New Street Mortgages give consent to let my home? I have an existing homeowner mortgage, never had arrears and have been with New Street Mortgages for approximately since 2013. What charges am I likely to face