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Need professional advice for your consent to let with National Westminster Bank plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to National Westminster Bank consent to lease

  • I bought a terraced property in 209 for £147,000 with National Westminster Bank. I got married to someone in the RAF so moved in to married quarters in Qatar and appreciate that I have to obtain consent to let from National Westminster Bank. Will they grant consent?

  • I am a first time buyer looking to purchase a 2 bedroom house in National Westminster Bank. I have a 50% deposit will be getting a mortgage from National Westminster Bank. My concern is that my girlfriend inherited a apartment in Dover and I anticipate moving in next year, when I would have to let out my property. I understand that consent to let is required but it does not sound like a guaranteed option. Can you offer any advice?

  • My fiance and I might have to let out her flat, and I have a question concerning obtaining consent to do so. I know I need to inform National Westminster Bank and get a consent to let or move across to a BTL mortgage. Given that the property is leasehold do we have to get consent to let from the freehold company?
  • I took a mortgage out on a one bedroom apartment last December however I will be working outside of commuting distance of Merton for the foreseeable future but hope to find work closer in the long term. Given that I recently acquired the property I will lose money if I sell and do hope to return to Merton so would like to keep it. How difficult is it to get consent to let from National Westminster Bank and how do I go about it ?
  • My wife and I are having to relocate to Australia for a couple of years for my job but I don't want to switch the mortgage to BTL as I want to reoccupy it when I return. Do you know if National Westminster Bank charges additional interest? Is there any work around?
  • I am just finding out some information at this stage. My boyfriend has asked me to move in with him and i'm not keen to sell my place just yet. So now I want to know what I would need to do to get consent to let from National Westminster Bank
  • Would I be able to remortgage to National Westminster Bank from my current lender, with a consent to let or do I need a let to buy mortgage, and if so what are the LTV's?
  • I wishing to obtain consent to let for my house as I am moving out for four months currently fixed National Westminster Bank mortgage with two years which is up in December next year.