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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Monmouthshire Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Monmouthshire Building Society Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • Do I need consent to let from Monmouthshire Building Society or can I let my garden flat without telling Monmouthshire Building Society and being forced to transfer to a B2L mortgage?

  • I have been offered a once in a lifetime career opportunity for eight months in Denmark. I have enough savings to pay the monthly Monmouthshire Building Society mortgage however the buildings insurance requires continuous residency in order not to be invalidated. Last winter the roof suffered storm damage but was repaired. Should there be any problems through the winter months I would find it hard to afford remedial works. How likely is it that I will get consent to let from Monmouthshire Building Society for a limited period?
  • I have a current mortgage contract with Monmouthshire Building Society and wish to clarify if it would be possible to gain consent to let out our studio flat in Camden.

    The purpose for wishing to find tenants for the property are as follows: -

    • Me and my wife will be migrating to Melbourne in January.
    • By renting out the property this will enable us to make some savings to assist with the migration process.
    • There is little merit from a fiscal point of view to pay outright for a property which we are not residing in and by letting out the place this would be viewed as continuing investment.

    If Monmouthshire Building Society agreed that we are able to proceed with renting we would propose some financial assurances to include: -

    • Continue to pay the monthly mortgage payment by direct debit.
    • Retain the services of an approved letting agent who will provide a rent guarantee scheme as a further financial safeguard.
    • Supply our forwarding address for when we move.
  • Is it correct that mortgage companies (my home loan is with Monmouthshire Building Society) are adopting a more accommodating approach towards consent to let? A broker suggested that BTL mortgages are not regulated by the FCA whereas residential mortgages are. Therefore if I move from a standard to a Buy to let I am moving to a regulated product. He suggested that under the current regulation banks are wary of letting customers do this, which may explain why some banks will let customers apply for consent to let but not switch to a BTL mortgage. Is he an accurate assessment?
  • My partner and I bought a place in Bristol with Monmouthshire Building Society and am moving to rent a property in Devon due to work. Is consent to let from Monmouthshire Building Societyavailable? I am only looking to rent out the flat for half a year before selling.
  • I have a letter to Monmouthshire Building Society requesting consent to let signed and ready, but I'm not sure what address I should post this to. Can you please help me with the address?
  • I am looking for some generic information on consent to let. I already have a mortgage in place with Monmouthshire Building Society. I have been given approval to sublet my apartment from the managing agents and they asked for a copy of the consent to from Monmouthshire Building Society.
  • My partner and I would like to obtain consent to let on a house where we have a mortgage with Monmouthshire Building Society. If issued, how long would consent be given for? In seeking consent to let from Monmouthshire Building Society are we running the risk of them forcing us to change deal to buy to let