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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Masthaven Bank? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Masthaven Bank consent to let: Q and A’s

  • We've been renting my wife's old house out with "consent to let" from Masthaven Bank on a regular mortgage for the previous two years. Masthaven Bank have advised of their intention of retracting their consent to let unless we switch to one of their "buy to let" mortgages.

  • Having spent twenty years in the capital, I'm considering relocating to be nearer to family. We've only been homeowners for the last two years and about to remortgage with Masthaven Bank. In the relocation destination, we are be looking at a 3-bed house around the £350k mark. Ideally, we would like to keep hold of my existing flat. Could I ask for Consent to Let from the proposed new lender Masthaven Bank. If granted what are the likely conditions?
  • Hi, I have consent to let my house with Masthaven Bank and am now looking to give my tenant 2 months notice as I wish to sell the property. I am concerned about the property being unoccupied when the tenant leaves and finding a purchaser. I have never missed a payment on the account, is it likely that I would be able to take payment holidays until sold?
  • I am planning to release equity in my existing house to purchase an additional property which I intend to live in whilst I renovate it. My preference is to rent my first property with the Masthaven Bank loan. How likely is it that I would obtain consent to let? House is valued at £350 k with a £200k home loan in place.
  • My partner and I are looking at new mortgages and also thinking of renting the property in the years to come - Is there a cost with Masthaven Bank to procure consent to let and what are the criteria?
  • I have a standard mortgage with Masthaven Bank - about 40% equity. I am considering relocating due to a promotion and enquiring whether consent to let would be given so I could let out the house?
  • I have a house in Ealing. I would like remortgage with Masthaven Bank and either change to buy to let or consent to let. I'm still within the Early Redemption Charge period so not sure if there such a thing as porting to some property?
  • My mortgage is presently with Masthaven Bank and am debating whether to sell or rent in the short term but don't have the equity for a buy to let mortgage at this stage. How feasible are consent to let options currently?