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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Marsden Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Marsden Building Society consent to let

  • I work for letting specialists in loc and a potential tenant for the house has demanded sight of the ‘consent to let’ from the owners lender Marsden Building Society. Is this a new type standard inquiry?

  • Last September we purchased our council house, in SW London,recently valued at £240k. It was paid for in full from our own finances, with no mortgage. We can't sell (without penalty of losing some of our discount) before five years have expired. Regardless, we want to hold onto it as a investment property to rent out. We wish to release some equity via a Marsden Building Society mortgage. If Marsden Building Society refuse are there lenders that will allow this and grant consent to let?
  • At present I have a normal mortgage with Marsden Building Society. My company has offered me a property as part of my job and would like to rent out my current home. My mortgage advisor has informed me it is a formality. Are you able to provide me with some information please?
  • Is it possible that lenders (my home loan is with Marsden Building Society) may start adopting a more lenient approach towards consent to let? A broker recently told me that Buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the FCA whereas residential mortgages are. Therefore if I transfer from a homeowner to a BTL I am moving to a regulated product. He said that under the current regulation lenders are wary of letting customers do this, which may explain why some mortgage companies will permit customers apply for consent to let but not swap to a BTL product. Is he plausible?
  • I have tenants ready to move in and I have mortgage offer from Marsden Building Society on new house on condition of consent to let for original house. How long should it take to receive letter once I send back a completed application with cheque.
  • Marsden Building Society - consent to let potential. Do you have experience of the process with this lender? Do they have a minimum period prior to changing and is it possible that I would be required to make a cash injection to reduce the LTV?
  • I am a Marsden Building Society borrower. I would like to apply for consent to let my home. I have been waiting for Marsden Building Society to get back to me. Could you please check and help?
  • I am currently refinancing and investigating the flexibility of certain mortgage providers when it comes to consent to let. Marsden Building Society is one of the mortgage companies I am thinking of going with. How accommodating are they are far as consent to let is concerned?