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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Market Harborough Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Market Harborough Building Society consent to let: Q and A’s

  • Can Market Harborough Building Society activate a right to put a loading on my interest rate on a homeowner mortgage where the lender has granted Consent to Let at any time, onto ‘rates equivalent to their BTL range'?

  • My partner and I may need to let our Brent home for a while due to a career opportunity. This will be short-term but perhaps for seven years. Should I tell Market Harborough Building Society or am I best advised to just keep quiet?

  • How easy is it to switch a standard mortgage with Market Harborough Building Society to a consent to let. It will be less than 55% ltv and it would change from repayment to interest only?
  • How many months after taking out a new mortgage will a consent to let be likely to be granted by Market Harborough Building Society? By way of background I purchased my flat in Greenwich nearly two years ago and am currently on a fixed term for 3 years. I subsequently met a guy and plan to move in together. I intend to get another fixed term next July. I presume that I would have to wait at least half a year before I could seek consent to let. Is that correct?
  • My fiance and I have a consent to let letter that I have attained from my management company. I would think I need to attaching this with a letter to Market Harborough Building Society with a view to getting a consent to let from them. What address shall I mail it to?
  • We have a fixed rate mortgage with Market Harborough Building Society and are deliberating on obtaining consent to let so that we can apply for a further mortgage on another property that I own on a buy to let basis. Ahead of applying We would be interested to know the consequences of making the change and any facts that we need to be aware of.
  • Is consent to let a cheaper way of renting out your property? Isn't this a loophole for some people to exploit?
  • What are the changes that Market Harborough Building Society force me into a consent to let product while I'm in a fixed rate product for twenty four months?