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Need professional advice for your consent to let with M&S Bank? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to M&S Bank consent to lease

  • I have just come off a call with M&S Bank who have advised me that they have found out that I am renting the studio flat despite having a normal mortgage. I moved out a couple of years ago for childcare reasons, was unable to sell and was left with little option but to let out the property. Are you able to advise me on the connotations might be for me not obtaining consent to let?
  • Last week provided with a career opportunity abroad and considering whether it's a good idea renting my house out. Will M&S Bank permit me to change mortgage or issue me with consent to let? If not I will have to think about whether I should accept the job. I have no objection to paying an increased amount as it is likely that I will come back and live in my home after twenty four months. My agenda here is not to to make money. Just really like my house and wish to return to it one day.
  • The plan is to move in with my partner and I have let my property out to two tenants on a one year AST. I am now applying for consent to let from M&S Bank but what if they refuse. I can’t renege on my contract in terms of not renting the students as they have all signed up. On the flip-side M&S Bank could take action for contravention of mortgage condition i.e. letting it out without consent to let.
  • Your view would be appreciated as to whether consent to let from M&S Bank is the best approach. I purchased my house seven months ago by porting an existing M&S Bank mortgage product. My fixed term ended 4 months ago I'm thinking about moving in with a new partner. I would prefer not to sell my property yet as I have no idea as to whether the new move will prove successful. I just wanted an idea of whether a consent to let from M&S Bank would be possible?
  • I will have to move to Philadelphia for a couple of years, I have a house with a M&S Bank mortgage. Do I need to ask consent to let? Will they be accommodating?
  • Do you know whether M&S Bank will accept rental income on consent to let for affordability purposes or does it need to be BTL ? Would M&S Bank let me raise capital based on the rental revenue ?
  • I am interested in consent to let for my house mortgaged with M&S Bank. How do I move forward? Do I have to apply to M&S Bank and get them to agree?
  • Me and my husband am looking into the option of leasing out my apartment with consent to let from M&S Bank whist away travelling for a few months