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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Lloyds TSB Scotland plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Lloyds TSB Scotland consent to lease

  • I plan to get in touch with Lloyds TSB Scotland to obtain consent to let out my property in Lloyds TSB Scotland. However I currently have the property for sale but there without a sniff of interest and forking out for a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on vacant house is draining me financially. What position would Lloyds TSB Scotland take if I have the house on the market?

  • I am a first time buyer hoping to complete on a detached house in Lloyds TSB Scotland. I have a significant deposit will be getting a mortgage from Lloyds TSB Scotland. My concern is that my fiancee has a apartment in Maida Vale and I hope to be moving in next year, when I would want to let out my house. I understand that consent to let is required but it does not sound like a guaranteed option. Can you offer any advice?

  • Hi, I have consent to let my property with Lloyds TSB Scotland and am now looking to give my tenant two months notice as I want to sell the property. I am concerned about the property being empty when the tenant leaves and finding a buyer. I have never defaulted on the account, would it be possible to take payment breaks until I complete the sale?
  • I am currently looking to acquire my first property however, I am self employed. I I would like to find a lender that will permit short term letting with a homeowner mortgage so that I could lease out the property for 6-9 months with long periods of absence without being forced into a BTL mortgage. Are you able to advise me on how lenders would view this and specifically the approach taken by Lloyds TSB Scotland.
  • My wife and I are one year into a five year domestic mortgage with Lloyds TSB Scotland. Just wondering if it's ok to lease out the property on my existing mortgage. Will Lloyds TSB Scotland issue consent to let?
  • We have a new mortgage however my girlfriend doesn't feel safe in the property due to other tenants in the block. I know that many lenders have a half year rule before consent to let - does this apply to all lenders. Is there any way Lloyds TSB Scotland would grant consent to let at the outset?
  • Do you know whether Lloyds TSB Scotland will accept rental income on consent to let for affordability purposes or does it need to be on a buy to let ? Would Lloyds TSB Scotland let me raise capital based on the rental revenue ?
  • I might potentially need consent to let from Lloyds TSB Scotland in the future with work. I am just looking to see what the options would be if this was the case. Are there any time restrictions on how long you can let out a property with consent?