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Need professional advice for your consent to let with LendInvest? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Common questions relating to LendInvest consent to lease

  • I have a standard mortgage over my home in loc and am due to relocate to country for two years. During this time it makes financial sense to rent out my house. My lender says I cannot have consent to let. It’s hardly ideal to move to a buy to let loan as it’s only a short term option that I am going away for.

  • I'm currently looking for a mortgage as FTB and considering LendInvest with my broker. Let's say I choose a 3 year fixed rate I move in the property and after one year, I come to get an opportunity of work relocation necessitating moving to a different location. If LendInvest issues me consent to let,does the interest rate increase?
  • I have rented out my studio flat in Havering for the previous 20 months, and I had not appreciated that I had to get consent to let. I would like to do things properly. What are the legal ramifications of my failure to gain consent to let?
  • We are in need of a larger house so our children don't have to bunk together. We are planning to purchase another house next year. Our house was valued at £185k and we have about £55k remaining on the LendInvest mortgage. We would ideally like to keep this house if possible and lease it out with consent to let. Can you have a mortgage on two properties at the same time or do we need to fully pay off our current mortgage first?
  • It is looking as though I may need to move to Philadelphia for a couple of years, I have a house with a LendInvest mortgage. Do I need to seek consent to let? Will they be forthcoming?
  • I am after more information in relation to consent to let mortgages, potentially switching our current mortgage with LendInvest across to a consent to let one.
  • I am trying to find out if LendInvest will grant consent to let in a situation where we need to move closer to relatives in a different house albeit that we may move back the future if circumstances change.
  • Me and my husband have an annexe in our garden. Do we need consent to let this from LendInvest? If so, what is the process if I would like to transfer the mortgage to consent to let?