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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Leek United Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Leek United BS consent to lease

  • I am thinking of applying for consent to let from Leek United BS as my personal situation has altered. My stepdaughter was starting university and I concluded that we would move to the area and chose to purchase a house as opposed to spend the money on renting. Since buying the house I have fallen out with my step daughter and she won't live there. Given that the whole point was for her and the house location isn't so ideal for my work I would like to move out and rent out the property
  • Last month I received consent to let on a non-commercial homeloan with Leek United BS with aim of switching to a buy-to-let rate when the fixed rate expires in a few months' time, so I'm not sure if this adds to the complexity of the issue! Any recommendations gladly appreciated.
  • I previously took a mortgage with Leek United BS and the loan to value is currently 60% with the Leek United BS current book value and would like to purchase another property but would like to keep my existing property at the current market value. I have had CTL from another lender on a previous property so know a bit about them and I also have buy to let with Mortgage Express on another property. Does the expected rental income on a consent to let with Leek United BS need to exceed the mortgage repayments? I have a fixed rate which I tied into a fixed rate and left the term at 18 years so it was paid off as early as possible, obviously this leaves with quite a high monthly repayment.
  • My husband and I are looking to let out our maisonette in Tower Hamlets in January. I would like some suggestions on what I need to do. I've just moved our Leek United BS mortgage to a fixed term and just need to understand the process and what information I'll need to get consent to let.
  • Situation: I am moving to become a non-UK resident. This might be for a number of years. However I will be on a 3 month trial period .I'm wanting to know the criteria for consent to let from Leek United BS and any costs to be incurred
  • I am trying to discover which lenders are best for allowing consent-to-let without raising rates, and hopefully permitting more than 2 years where necessary. Is that something you can assist me with? We are particularly interested in Leek United BS
  • We wish to move home and have identified a house we wish to purchase so are considering letting out with consent to let from Leek United BS for our current property to enable us to place an offer and not lose the potential new house.
  • I may be looking to let out my property and wondered what I would need to do to get consent to let from Leek United BS. There is a possibility that I might be emigrating permanently.