Need Help?

Need professional advice for your consent to let with Leek United Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Leek United BS consent to let

  • Always on the look out for a money making scheme I am contemplating leasing out my cottage and generate some income whilst on holiday. It will only likely be for a couple of weeks. Will consent to let be needed from Leek United BS?

  • I am currently seeking a mortgage as first time buyer and considering Leek United BS with my financial adviser. Suppose I choose a 5 year fixed rate I live at the property and after twelve months, I come to get an opportunity of work relocation requiring moving overseas. Where Leek United BS gives me consent to let,would the interest rate increase?
  • What is the process for obtaining consent to let from Leek United BS? What information do they need? is there a fee to pay? Is consent generally limited in time and if so, for how long? Do I need to renew it annually? What if I obtain a consent but decide to sell the property rather than let out the property?
  • I intend to relocate to another property, I have been at my current property for 18 months. Is there a minimum time to spend at a property before Leek United BS will give a consent to let?
  • I would like to send the consent to let application by courier and need to know if Leek United BS have a regular mailing address I can use as couriers ordinarily don’t accept deliveries to PO Box numbers.
  • I'm having to relocate to Australia for eighteen months for my job but I don't want to convert the mortgage to BTL as the intention is to move back into it when I return. Do you know if Leek United BS charges additional interest? Is there any work around?
  • I have just got married and I am in the process of buying out 100% of my co-ownership mortgage with my wife. As a result we have now been given a 90% loan to value on our house. We want to buy a larger place. Will it be possible to get a consent to let on my new mortgage with Leek United BS to allow us to get a mortgage also with Leek United BS for a new home?
  • I have a domestic mortgage with Leek United BS - about 32% equity. I am considering relocating due to a promotion and enquiring whether consent to let would be granted so I could let out the property?