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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Leeds Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Leeds Building Society consent to lease

  • Is it possible to remortgage on a consent to let with Leeds Building Society?

  • May I ask if it is probable that I will obtain a consent to let with non-commercial loan through Leeds Building Society? We are preparing to relocate to Camden to be nearer to our daughter’s university, but we are unsure if the move will be beyond a year.
  • My friend has let her house off the same landlord for nearly three years. Over the last twelve months my friend has been receiving letters from Leeds Building Society (it is apparent from the envelope). At first she reposted them to the landlady's address. I was a bit suspicious as none of the landlady's mail was meant to be going there. I decided to go to my friends house and phoned Leeds Building Society on her behalf. The lady I called at Leeds Building Society had a long list of queries, the landlady's details, information relating to the tenant and then said they were going to look into whether she was entitled tolet out the property or if it was an offence in the absence of consent to let. Are you able to shed anymore light on this?
  • I wish to let my existing house as I wish to acquire a larger house for the family. I have a mortgage with Leeds Building Society. Provided I get the consent to let as I understand lenders are more than likely to push me towards getting BTL mortgage when the fixed term comes to an end. Could I refinance after two years with a different lender? What connotations does that have apart from the higher rates - do I need a higher equity portion in the property too ie lower ltv?
  • Do I need to wait for consent to let to be granted on my current residential mortgage with Leeds Building Society before applying for a resi mortgage on a second property?
  • I am trying to find out if it is possible to get a consent to let mortgage with Leeds Building Society rather than a buy to let mortgage
  • Will Leeds Building Society grant consent to let my property? I currently have a homeowner mortgage, never been in arrears and have been with Leeds Building Society for about since 2009. What fees am I likely to incur
  • I have a homeowner mortgage with Leeds Building Society. I purchased the property in December two years ago. What are the options and criteria for consent to let.