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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Kent Reliance (a trading name of OneSavings Bank plc)? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Kent Reliance consent to let

  • Can Kent Reliance activate a right to put a loading on my interest rate on a residential mortgage that has just been approved for Consent to Let at any time, onto ‘rates equivalent to their BTL range'?

  • I was wondering if you could please give me some more detail on the consent to let process. I am thinking about taking a Kent Reliance mortgage on a £350,000 property in twelve months time. The intention is to hold the house as a second home but I would like to know what options there are to let the property in the future. If our circumstances were to change the house would either be sold or rented.
  • I own a maisonette but I am never there, exploring the possibility of renting it out. My mortgage is with Kent Reliance, would I have to convert my mortgage deal or do I try to get consent to let?
  • Me and my husband are soon to send the final information to our IFA for them to proceed with our mortgage application to purchase our first home together. My husband bought an apartment in 1999 which he co-owns with his brother. That flat was and continues to be tenanted without any consent to let from Kent Reliance. Fast forward to our application - our broker asked for info on the Kent Reliance mortgage. If we admit that there is no consent to let by Kent Reliance will it adversely impact the chances of getting a mortgage?
  • If I am tied into a fixed rate with Kent Reliance but am thinking of letting out my property, is there a fee for consent to let from Kent Reliance and does the interest rate get uplifted?
  • My Kent Reliance mortgage fixed rate expires in January and have to relocate for work then. Is it likely that I be able to both refinance and gain consent to let?
  • Am I required to get consent to let if I rent to a family member (in my case my Dad now lives there and contributes towards the Kent Reliance mortgage)?
  • I recently purchased a property with 10% deposit for personal uses. A mortgage was taken with Kent Reliance. But my circumstances have now changed. I am being transferred abroad. Am I able to obtain consent to let from Kent Reliance and put the house up to let?