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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Kensington Mortgage Company Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Kensington Mortgage consent to let

  • Is it possible to remortgage on a consent to lease with Kensington Mortgage?

  • The hope is to move house. My question is whether consent to let will be granted on my house for me to subsequently obtain a loan offer for the new house so I can effectively bid chain free and subsequently rent my property out when I move. Will Kensington Mortgage issue consent to let for a year? Assuming the letting goes well can the consent to let time frame be extended?
  • I currently have a mortgage with Kensington Mortgage and the loan to value is presently 60% with the Kensington Mortgage current book value and would like to acquire a further property but would like to keep my existing property at the current market value. I have had CTL from Northern Rock on a previous property so know a bit about them and I also have buy to let with Accord on another property. Does the expected rental income on a consent to let with Kensington Mortgage need to exceed the mortgage repayments? I have a fixed rate which I tied into a fixed rate and left the term at 19 years so it was paid off as early as possible, obviously this leaves with quite a high monthly repayment.
  • My husband called Kensington Mortgage on Monday concerning consent to let. He is expecting a call back. We have placed an offer in on a semi detached house that has been accepted in principle so we need to know how likely it is that we will obtain consent to let with Kensington Mortgage?
  • I have split up with my wife and we have each moved into our parents house and plan to divorce. What do I have to do to get Kensington Mortgage to give consent to let the property out to tenants?
  • I want to buy a new house but can't afford to sell my existing apartment with a Kensington Mortgage mortgage. Do you know acceptable terms for Kensington Mortgage to give consent to let? Is getting married and having children a sufficient reason to make the request?
  • Is it possible to negotiate a consent to let from Kensington Mortgage if I have an existing mortgage which has been in place for ten years?
  • Me and my husband spoken to someone at Kensington Mortgage about changing our current homeloan to consent to let (the current fixed rate ends in june 2016). Can I just confirm that I need to send a letter setting out our change in circumstance to Kensington Mortgage? Where do I need to send the letter to?