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Need professional advice for your consent to let with JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to JPMorgan consent to let

  • For nine I have a I have had a mortgage with JPMorgan. My partner has recently acquired a property in Tower Hamlets and he has asked me to move in with him. Can I lease out my property with consent to let in case I need to move back? Also what legal documents must I provide JPMorgan with when completing the consent to let application?
  • I would like to see if I can receive consent to let on my current flat. I have a mortgage with JPMorgan but my circumstances have changed. I'm looking to move in with my partner and son who have a house and more room than my studio property. I am sure that I will not qualify for a buy to let mortgage as I don't have money for a deposit nor do I earn in excess of £25000 per annum.
  • My partner and I are first-time buyers, presently renting. We want to purchase a ground floor flat in Southwark. We want to move there, but will need to wait for a job - perhaps a couple of years. Would we have to get a buy-to-let mortgage? Would it be possible to take a domestic mortgage with JPMorgan, because we intend to move there soon? Or could we reside there for a few of months, then start renting it with consent to let from JPMorgan? I'm only evaluating options that are entirely legitimate, and wouldn't breach the terms of the mortgage with JPMorgan.
  • I have a garden flat in Merton let out which has a sixty year lease. Mortgage broker said I should remortgage (currently with JPMorgan) as a buy to let rather than consent to let and release 45-55k which on top of a new mortgage based on income multiples would give me a budget of £200k. Not much about in Croydon for me to buy my own house. To extend the lease will be approximately 13k. Should I keep or sell the flat?
  • My husband and I are thinking about applying to JPMorgan to obtain consent to let our property, how long does it take from the point of submitting the application to us finding a letting agent and listing our house for rent? and are there any additional steps we will need to go through?
  • I am trying to find out if JPMorgan will grant consent to let in a situation where we need to move closer to relatives in a different house albeit that we may move back the future if circumstances change.
  • I was just enquiring how to get consent to let from I call them or write a letter to them?
  • Do you know if there is normally a required loan to value amount before JPMorgan will give consent to let?