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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Investec Bank plc? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Investec consent to let

  • In a worst case scenario what action Investec can take if I have rented my property in the absence of consent to let?

  • My house had been let to students for three years between 2009-2012 while employed abroad. I have a letter dated June 2010 from my mortgage company granting consent to let. In the letter it explicitly stipulates that the consent to let is valid for "the remaining term of the mortgage". I have not changed product since the letter was issued. I now plan to move house and rent out my existing house. However, my financial advisor has suggested that the 2010 consent to let letter may not be acceptable to the new lender Investec for the house I intend to purchase.Can this be right
  • We took a home loan out on a three bedroom ground floor purpose built maisonette in October however I will be working outside of commuting distance of Hackney in the medium term but hope to find work closer in the long term. Given I have not had property long I will lose money if I sell and do intend to return to Hackney so would like to keep it. How likely are Investec to allow a consent to let and what is the procedure ?
  • I have been renting out my flat to students for three years but not on a BTL mortgage because I thought that you only needed a BTL if you had more than one mortgage. In trying to acquire a second property, I found that I should have obtained consent to let at the outset from my mortgage provider Investec. I'm wondering whether I can now seek consent to let from Investec?
  • I have a Investec home loan currently and potentially want to let it out for a limited period of time with consent from Investec for (two years). How easy is it to obtain consent to let?
  • Just wondering if if consent to let would be forthcoming from Investec in order to move back to my parents for 12 months and conserve some money to extend the lease on my property?
  • I am already letting out my property but may have been sussed out. I have 5 months remaining on my fixed rate. Is it simple to get consent to let from Investec. Is it just a quick phone call, pay the fee and that's it?
  • My partner and I took out a mortgage with Investec a few months ago and although it's a long way off we may have to relocate around next Summer and would like to be able to let our house out. Would this be possible with a homeowner mortgage?