Need Help?

Need professional advice for your consent to let with Hodge Life? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to Hodge Life consent to let

  • I have a residential Hodge Life mortgage and am keen to gain consent to let as I would like to move to another home that I own. It seems you can assist. Do you charge for this service?
  • My husband is in the army and he has been posted overseas we would like to get something called 'Consent to let' from our lender Hodge Life. Can you assist us?
  • My fiance phoned Hodge Life on Friday regarding consent to let. He is expecting a call back. We have put an offer in on a new build property that has been accepted in principle so would like to know how likely it is that we will receive consent to let from Hodge Life?
  • Require some information concerning leasing a property and consent to let. In the coming months I plan to move in with my partner. The local authority would like to rent my flat for three years guaranteed with rent and service charges covered. The flat was purchased with a mortgage by Hodge Life. Please help
  • I am interested in understanding the Hodge Life consent to let procedure and conditions for granting.
  • Am I required to obtain consent to let if I rent to a family member (in my case my mum now lives there and contributes towards the Hodge Life mortgage)?
  • Do Hodge Life respond positively to requests for consent to let? I am just considering this as an option if I move house in the coming months
  • What happens if a borrower has already rented out the property for some years as an HMO and now want to go legit with Hodge Life by getting consent to let ? (work on the basis that Hodge Life had in the past granted a homeowner mortgage in the past)