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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Handelsbanken? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to Handelsbanken consent to let

  • Colin (my husband) and I may need to lease our Bexley home for a while due to me taking a sabbatical. This will be short-term but perhaps for five years. Must I notify Handelsbanken or do I remain silent?

  • I am thinking of applying for consent to let from Handelsbanken as my personal circumstances have altered. My stepdaughter was starting university and I concluded that we would move nearby and chose to buy a property as opposed to spend the money on renting. After having purchased the house I have fallen out with my step daughter and she won't live there. Since the whole point was for her and the house location isn't so ideal for my work I would like to move out and rent out the property
  • My husband and I have a normal mortgage with Handelsbanken. My company has offered me a home as part of my job and would like to let out my existing property. The financial advisor has informed me it is an easy process. Can you give me some information please?
  • Am I obliged to notify Handelsbanken of my intention to rent a room out to a lodger. I have two spare rooms that could be used by lodgers and I was thinking that as the occupancy remains in keeping with that of the 'family' use of the property it might not require consent to let. Can you help clarify? I am taking independent advice on the insurance, legal and tax implications.
  • My wife and Iwant to rent out the family home and purchase another. What do I need to supply Handelsbanken to get consent to let?
  • What is the longest period that Handelsbanken is willing to grant me the Consent To Let for?
  • I have Handelsbanken mortgage and am considering renting out the property. I am lead to believe that I would need a consent to let to do that correct ?
  • I want to purchase a new home but can't afford to sell my current property with a Handelsbanken mortgage. Do you know acceptable terms for Handelsbanken to give consent to let? Is getting married and having children an acceptable reason to to ask for consent to let?