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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Halifax? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Halifax consent to lease

  • In a worst case scenario what action Halifax can take if I have let out my house if consent to let is not first obtained?

  • What is the procedures for obtaining consent to let from Halifax? What evidence do they need? is there a fee to pay? How long the consent is valid for? Do I need to renew it annually? What if I obtain a consent but decide not to let out the property?
  • I would like the consent to let forms for Halifax please I am unable to find it on the web.
  • I have a three year fixed rate mortgage with Halifax which began in January. I will be moving out in January and have tenants ready to rent my flat. I need to get a letter from Halifax granting consent to let until my term is up to allow me time to move onto a BTL. How do I go about this?
  • This is not a question specific to Halifax but do lenders generally provide the information I need for my Buy to Let or Consent to Let self-assessment tax returns?
  • Just looking for some information. I currently have a mortgage in place with Halifax. I have been given approval to sublet my apartment from the freeholder of the block and they asked for a copy of the consent to from Halifax.
  • I have a mortgage with Halifax and am considering whether to sell or rent in the short term but don't have the equity for a buy to let mortgage at this stage. How feasible are consent to let options currently?
  • I was just wondering how to obtain consent to let from I phone them or write a letter to them?