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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Habito? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Habito consent to lease

  • I am about to write to my lender Habito setting out the following reasoning for my request for consent to let ; "I am struggling with the mortgage and wish to move to a smaller place but can't sell. I wish to avoid defaulting on the mortgage and have thought about returning the property to you. If you issued consent to let this will likely solve matters." What are the chances that this will convince them to grant me consent to let?
  • I have just received a mortgage offer with Habito. I anticipate that I will get keys in the coming weeks, however I may potentially be posted overseas for work. How feasible is it for me to receive consent to let from Habito shortly after drawing down on the mortgage. Do I have any other options?
  • I have a fixed mortgage with Habito (with just under two years left) but due to redundancy want to move away from Essex (actually to a new job in Holland) and so want to let the property out. We are keen to avoid the expense of the penalty cancellation of existing mortgage and understand that some lenders happily issue this 'consent'...what is the approach taken by Habito?
  • My mortgage is with Habito and wonder if I am duty bound to notify them if we no longer live in my house. I fear that they may bump up the interest rate if we move and let it out but it's not very apparent what the change would be. If I decide to lease my property out and seek consent to let in what way would the payments increase?
  • Will Habito want to know my reasons for applying for consent to let? Should I inform them of my possible move overseas?
  • I'm wanting to know how to go about getting consent to let from Habito and what fees are to be incurred. Last week I moved in with my wife and have a family member renting from me.
  • Interested to know if I would be able to get consent to let from Habito in order to move back to my parents for a year or two and save the cash to extend the lease on my property?
  • We are interested to find out more regarding consent to let from Habito. Would an acceptable reason be parking problems and the property is too to small for me?