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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Furness Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Questions and Answers: Furness Building Society consent to let

  • Hello, I have a mortgage on an apartment with Furness Building Society and I am contemplating the idea of leasing my property out. Can I do this without switching my mortgage or obtaining consent to let from Furness Building Society?
  • We are currently twelve months into a year fixed rate mortgage with Furness Building Society. We would like to purchase a larger 2nd property in the next year however would prefer to keep the first home and I was enquiring as to what reason we could put down on the consent to let form to get their approval
  • Current property worth £95k. Remaining mortgage £32k with 8 years to run. Seek consent to let via Furness Building Society for current apartment and use rent to pay off what is left of the loan. Take out sixty % Furness Building Society loan on second flat that becomes my primary address? Any reason not to do this?
  • Hello, I have consent to let my house with Furness Building Society and am now looking to give my tenant 2 months notice as I intend to find a buyer. I am worried about the property being unoccupied once the tenant goes and finding a buyer. I have never missed a payment on the account, is it likely that I would be able to take payment holidays pending the sale of the property?
  • We are looking at new mortgages and also exploring the possibility of renting the property in the future - Is there a cost with Furness Building Society to receive consent to let and what are the requirements?
  • My wife and I would like to move home and have found a property we wish to purchase so are considering letting out with consent to let from Furness Building Society for our existing property to enable us to place an offer and not miss out on the potential new property.
  • Is consent to let required from Furness Building Society if I am planning to live in the property myself for three months of the year? In addition if I obtain consent to let for a period of time, say up to twelve months, what happens thereafter.
  • I am looking at an offer to work abroad and have been advised that I need to let Furness Building Society know so my mortgage is under consent to let? Please could you clarify the best way deal with this?