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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Foundation Home Loans? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Top Five Questions relating to Foundation Home loans consent to lease

  • I plan to contact Foundation Home loans for consent to let out my property in Foundation Home loans. However the property has been on with agents for 5 weeks but there without a sniff of interest and forking out for a full mortgage, council tax and insurance on an empty house is hurting financially. What approach would Foundation Home loanstake if I have the house on the market?

  • I have exchanged contracts with a developer for a property in which I was going to live in, but my manager has offered me a posting overseas for three years, can I let the new property with consent to let from Foundation Home loans.
  • I want to explore if I can obtain consent to let on my current apartment. I have a mortgage with Foundation Home loans but my situation has changed. I'm about to move in with my partner and daughter who have a house and is larger than my 1 bed property. I doubt I will qualify for a buy to let mortgage as I don't have money for a deposit nor do I earn in excess of £25000 per annum.
  • I need to decide what to do ie let or sell. The property has a mortgage against it with Foundation Home loans (with fair amount of equity). I want to purchase and live in a second house but keep my old house and rent it out. How can I fund a second mortgage without selling my old property and using the equity as a deposit for the new property. Is there anyway I can change my old mortgage to a buy to let mortgages or obtain consent to let and take on a second mortgage without having a deposit to put down.
  • We are having to move to Australia for eighteen months for my job but I don't want to change the mortgage to BTL as the intention is to move back into it when I return. Do you know if Foundation Home loans charges additional interest? Is there any work around?
  • This is not a question specific to Foundation Home loans but do lenders usually supply the information I need for my Buy to Let or Consent to Let self-assessment tax submissions?
  • If I were to apply for consent to let from Foundation Home loans how much time does it take to get consent to let after you apply to Foundation Home loans. ?
  • Me and my wife and I would like to lease out my flat to be closer to my son’s college and take care of my father. What do I need for the application of consent to let from Foundation Home loans?