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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Fleet Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Fleet Mortgages consent to lease

  • I have a mortgage with Fleet Mortgages however my husband and I will be emigrating to South Africa in December. The mortgage is in my name yet it is my husband's job that is taking us abroad how do I answer the question: 'please indicate why you wish to let the property':
  • Meeting with my IFA on tomorrow. I am going to apply for Consent to Let from my current lender Fleet Mortgages. My new property in Brent will be 75% loan to value. Heard whispers that some lenders still dont accept consent to let borrowers and I may encounter difficulties regarding my new mortgage. Is there any truth in this?
  • My partner and I are just about to receive a mortgage offer from Fleet Mortgages for a freehold house. I have applied through Right to Buy. It is a 20 year mortgage. I am curious as to what is the main criteria Fleet Mortgages adopt in order to grant customers consent to let? Is consent to let based on the rental amount for a property?
  • Me and my girlfriend are about to buy a place together. Idea is for me to get consent to let my flat from Fleet Mortgages. Thinking a little down the line however - when my two year fixed period expires - how would it work if I sought to refinance my flat?
  • Iwant to let our home and purchase another. What do I need to show Fleet Mortgages to get consent to let?
  • We have a mortgage with Fleet Mortgages and would be thinking about purchasing another main residence and then subsequently renting our current property out. Do I need consent to let from Fleet Mortgages?
  • I am hoping to fix my homeowner mortgage with Fleet Mortgages but as a result of my job I will probably have to live abroad for a couple of years. Will Fleet Mortgages allow and grant consent to let and will any penalties be applied in such circumstances
  • I am currently refinancing and exploring the flexibility of certain lenders when it comes to consent to let. Fleet Mortgages is one of the mortgage companies I am considering. How accommodating are they are far as consent to let is concerned?