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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Fleet Mortgages? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Fleet Mortgages consent to let: Q and A’s

  • I have a standard mortgage over my home in loc and am due to relocate to country for a couple of years. During this time it makes financial sense to let out my flat. My lender refuses to issue a consent to let. I wish to avoid taking out a buy to let loan as it’s only for a limited time-frame that I am going away for.

  • How simple is it to seek consent to let with Fleet Mortgages. I'm taking a fixed homeowner mortgage and plan to reside at the property but want to know what options are open to me if work has opportunities elsewhere for instance in two to three yrs Could you let me know generally how receptive Fleet Mortgages are regarding consent to let?
  • My friend plans to rent out his flat out without consent to let from his mortgage lender Fleet Mortgages. He has been on an interest only mortgage for about 8 years now. Outstanding amount due is £110k, having paid for the flat for around £118k. In the absence of gaining consent to let from Fleet Mortgages, exactly what sanctions is he likely to face?
  • My understanding is that this is a contravention of Fleet Mortgages mortgage policy if I let out my flat having informed that I intend to live there. The aim is to redeem the mortgage after five years, by which time I will become the outright owner, meaning I no longer require any consent to let. Fleet Mortgages advised me I can overpay as much as I like during the lifetime of the mortgage. I have someone who wants to rent the property. What is the likelihood of Fleet Mortgages finding out? What are the consequences of not getting consent to let? From what I have read there is a possibility of Fleet Mortgages requiring the property to be sold (however it seems generally accepted is that this doesn't occur and adding fees even backdating is more probable)
  • I am thinking of renting my flat will Fleet Mortgages bill me for a consent to let letter?
  • Me and my wife have had my home loan with Fleet Mortgages for ten years and always made payments If I sought consent to let would I receive a positive reply?
  • I am fixing my residential mortgage with Fleet Mortgages but as a result of my job I may have to live abroad for a couple of years. Will Fleet Mortgages allow and grant consent to let and will any penalties be applied in such circumstances
  • Will I need consent to let from Fleet Mortgages if I am planning to occupy the apartment myself for part of the year? In addition if I gain consent to let for a limited time, say up to twelve months, what happens thereafter.