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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc First Active? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Sample questions relating to RBS- First Active consent to let

  • We've been renting my wife's old house out with "consent to let" from RBS- First Active on a regular mortgage for the last two years. RBS- First Active have advised of their intention of retracting their consent to let if we do not convert to one of their "buy to let" mortgages.

  • I have just been on a call with RBS- First Active and they tell me that they discovered that I have been letting out the garden flat even though it is on a domestic mortgage. I needed to move three years ago for work reasons, was unable to sell and so had little choice to rent out the property. Do you know what the connotations will be for me not obtaining consent to let?
  • I own a three bedroom leasehold flat via a RBS- First Active mortgage and have a lodger in the 2nd bedroom. I am about to relocate to Sutton and will rent there. My lodger has asked to stay and has agreed to pay a higher rent. Must I seek consent to let by RBS- First Active?
  • My fiance have an offer accepted to buy a property, we have a deposit of between 20-25% for a domestic mortgage with RBS- First Active. The small problem is we may leave the country in three months for work. We are using a mortgage broker. She says if you tell this to RBS- First Active up front you will need to get a buy to let. Do go ahead with residential mortgage with RBS- First Active, in a couple of months ask them if I can have consent to let? Otherwise, do we try and speak to RBS- First Active now and say there is a chance we will move abroad in the future (I have not signed anything as yet to move abroad) and see if they confirm before hand that it wouldn't be a problem
  • I want to rent a room in my apartment in Redbridge. Do I need consent to let from my lender RBS- First Active?
  • Was wondering how to get a consent to let from RBS- First Active with whom I have a mortgage with. There is a remaining balance of 57k. The value of property is 245k. Its in my name but my wife and I would like to purchase a maisonette in Havering we have seen together. How do we go about this?
  • We would like to rent out my home to be nearer to my son’s uni and look after of my mother. What do I need for the application of consent to let from RBS- First Active?
  • I got a homeowner mortgage with RBS- First Active. I purchased the property in November two years ago. How difficult will it be to get consent to let.