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Need professional advice for your consent to let with The Royal Bank of Scotland plc First Active? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

RBS- First Active Consent to Lease Example Support Desk Enquires

  • Next month I will be relocating to Hong Kong. As opposed to sell my house, I would like to lease it out, just in case things don’t go as expected. My current mortgage is with RBS- First Active. If I looked to refinance would a new provider view this as me trying to avoid a Buy To Let mortgage, of which there is very limited availability for 80% LTV, and hence reject my application for Consent to Let?
  • We are a young couple and we found a property in Greenwich that we like and want to take out a mortgage with RBS- First Active. Our concern is that I am pregnant and about to give birth any time soon as I am on the last few weeks of pregnancy. This means that it would not be possible for us to move right away so we are contemplating living with my mum and dad for the next few months. Meanwhile, if we get this property, we can let it out. I was just wondering how will that work out? Will we be liable to be given consent to let by RBS- First Active
  • I need to switch my homeowner mortgage with RBS- First Active to a consent to let and looking for some guidance... I purchased my first home in Lewisham in 2010. After a new job opportunity I moved to Dublin, and five months ago got a residential joint-mortgage with my boyfriend. I am inclined to stay with RBS- First Active and seek consent to let rather than attempt to apply for a new mortgage elsewhere, but if RBS- First Active refuse what lenders should I approach.
  • I would like to let my current house as I wish to purchase a larger house for the family. I have a two year fixed mortgage with RBS- First Active. On the basis I get the consent to let as I understand banks are more than likely to push me towards getting BTL mortgage when the fixed term is finished. Could I refinance after a couple of years with an alternative lender? Will it have to be buy to let mortgage and not a homeowner mortgage?
  • Can I get an interest only mortgage with consent to let when my current RBS- First Active deal runs out April 13?
  • I am currently in the process of getting a mortgage through RBS- First Active - It is possible that in the coming months I may decide to rent the property out - how would I switch the normal mortgage to a buy to let mortgage?
  • Is there a fixed or maximum term how long I could let my property out to a family member with consent to let from RBS- First Active. I no longer want to live in the area and want to buy a new home?
  • I could potentially need consent to let from RBS- First Active in the future with work. I am just checking what the options would be if this was the case. Are there any time restrictions on the length one can let out a property with consent?