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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Family Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Family Building Society consent to lease

  • Next month I will be emigrating to Australia. As opposed to sell my house, I would like to let it out, just in case things don’t go as expected. My existing mortgage is with Family Building Society. If I looked to refinance would a new lender consider this as me seeking to dodge a Buy To Let mortgage, of which there is very limited availability for 80% LTV, and hence reject my request for Consent to Let?
  • I was wondering if you could please providing me a little info on what the process is for applying for content to let, what do I need to do. I am thinking about taking a Family Building Society mortgage on a £350,000 property in earlynext year. The intention is to hold the house as a second home but I would like to consider what options are open to me to let the property in the future. If our circumstances were to change the house would either be sold or let out.
  • My wife and I are interested in understanding the conditions customers have to meet before consent to let from Family Building Society is granted. Do you know if there are any restrictions on who can be issued with consent?
  • I have a standard mortgage coming up for renewal with Family Building Society. I have had the house let out for two years and I think I should have disclosed this to Family Building Society. I am led to believe that I can ask for a consent to lease, but bearing in mind that the property has already been let out could they refuse - insist I switch a BTL rate and issue a penalty? I have over 45% equity in the property - and the rent will more than cover the monthly loan payments.
  • I am looking to Family Building Society to issue me with consent to let out my basement flat in Haringey. I am moving to Dubai for 6 months for work.
  • Will Family Building Society choose to operate a right to convert the rates on a standard mortgage where Consent to Let at any time, onto ‘rates equivalent to their BTL range'? Is it possible to remortgage on a consent to let with Family Building Society?
  • Me and my partner took a mortgage with Family Building Society but am informed they have a stipulation that they will not issue consent to let the property to a housing association. Is this correct and if so, is there a way round this?
  • I am trying to find out if it is possible to get a consent to let mortgage with Family Building Society rather than a buy to let mortgage