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Need professional advice for your consent to let with DB UK Bank Ltd? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Examples of recent questions relating to DB UK Bank consent to let

  • My niece is going to work abroad for twelve months and wants to let her apartment out. She has a DB UK Bank fixed rate mortgage on repayment and wants consent to let the property as well as transfer to interest only. What does she need to do?
  • I have just received a mortgage offer with DB UK Bank. With any luck I will complete in the coming weeks, however I may potentially be moved overseas for work. How likely is it for me to obtain consent to let from DB UK Bank within a few months of completing. Do I have any other options?
  • I have a mortgage with DB UK Bank however my husband and I will be relocating to Cape Town in January. The mortgage is in my name yet it is my husband's job that is taking us abroad how do I answer the question: 'please indicate why you wish to let the property':
  • My partner and I are intent on purchasing a property, letting a couple of the rooms out in order to cover the loan with DB UK Bank, and then moving on in two or three years - when the property would be fully rented. Is it likely that DB UK Bank would frown upon this as I will have been granted a domestic mortgage rather than a B2L or consent to let? I've heard that the worst possible outcome is that they can repossess the property, is this true?
  • DB UK Bank domestic mortgage. Will they grant consent to let a house for 18 months? I plan to return as an occupier.
  • Just wanted to know what needs to be provided to DB UK Bank in order to get consent to let? I just finished a three year fixed mortgage and possibly moving to another house with my wife.
  • Are you able to clarify what the process would be if we bought a second home and need to apply for consent to let for our existing mortgage with DB UK Bank
  • What, if any, income requirements do DB UK Bank set for consent to let on an existing domestic mortgage?