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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Danske Bank UK? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Recently asked questions relating to Danske Bank consent to lease

  • Is consent to let needed from Danske Bank or can I let my basement flat without telling Danske Bank and being forced to switch to a B2L loan?

  • In what situations will consent to let for a property be granted by Danske Bank? For what period of time do you have to have had the mortgage before consent to let can be granted by Danske Bank? In order to give you some perspective we are going abroad for 20 months with my husband's business and will need to rent our property. I would be interested in procuring consent to let in the first instance to be able to renting the property out to offset the expense of the Danske Bank mortgage.
  • I own a 2 bed flat but I am never there, looking into the possibility of renting it out. My mortgage is with Danske Bank, would I have to move onto a new mortgage deal or should I try to get consent to let?
  • We are first-time buyers, presently renting. We want to buy a garden flat in Waltham Forest. We want to move there, but will need to wait for a job - perhaps a couple of years. Do we have to get a buy-to-let mortgage? Could we have a normal mortgage with Danske Bank, even though we won't be moving in straight away? Alternatively could we move there for half a year, then start renting it with consent to let from Danske Bank? I'm only evaluating scenarios that are fully legal, and wouldn't breach the terms of the mortgage with Danske Bank.
  • Hi my partner and I own and live in 2 separate properties can I obtain consent to let from Danske Bank and let my maisonette out if I move in with her?
  • My Danske Bank mortgage fixed rate ends in August and have to move with work soon after. Is it likely that I be able to both remortgage and get consent to let?
  • I would like to rent out my home for 3 years max. I would like to know if I could have a consent to let by my current mortgage lender Danske Bank?
  • I am a Danske Bank borrower. I would like to apply for consent to let my house. I have been waiting for a response from Danske Bank. Could you please check and help?