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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Cumberland Building Society? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Cumberland Building Society consent to lease

  • I acquired a terraced property in 2007 for 155,000 with Cumberland Building Society. My husband’s job requires him to relocate to Gibraltar and now wish to have to get consent to let from Cumberland Building Society. Do you have any experience of consent to let from Cumberland Building Society?

  • Please explain "consent to let" to me? I live in a studio apartment and its in good condition. It is on the market and I am struggling to sell. This is because my neighbour is a drunk and assaulted me last year. I was obliged to mention it on the disclosure form. Mortgage is with Cumberland Building Society on a fixed rate. Someone mentioned I should get consent to let via Cumberland Building Society and lease the flat to tenants.
  • At the moment I am looking to buy my first property however, working as a freelancer. I I would like to find a lender that will permit short term letting with a homeowner mortgage so that I could lease out the property temporarily with long periods of absence without being compelled to a BTL rate. Can you let me know how lenders would view this and specifically the approach taken by Cumberland Building Society.
  • My husband and I are in a tricky mortgage situation in the last couple of month. We have to rent our house with consent to let and move to a new to be nearer to our daughter’s college. We are about to rent a house. We are finding it very difficult to find a better mortgage deal for our consent to let home. Is there is a list available as to which lenders grant consent to let and what their conditions are?
  • So this is the scenario: I am moving to become a non-UK resident. This might be for a number of years. However I will be on a four month probation period .I'm wanting to know the criteria for consent to let from Cumberland Building Society and any costs involved
  • We have a new mortgage however my girlfriend doesn't feel safe in the property due to other tenants in the block. I know that many lenders have a half year rule before consent to let - does this apply to all lenders. Is there any way Cumberland Building Society would allow it at the outset?
  • I have a mortgage with Cumberland Building Society and am debating whether to sell or rent in the short term but don't have the equity for a buy to let mortgage at this time. What are my consent to let options currently?
  • I currently have a residential mortgage with Cumberland Building Society and plan on letting due to work being based in Luton. In seeking consent to let from Cumberland Building Society do I run the risk of them forcing me to change deal to buy to let