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Need professional advice for your consent to let with Coutts? There are various implications when it comes to letting out your property with an existing residential mortgage - you should seek professional assistance.

Frequently asked questions relating to Coutts & Co consent to lease

  • Do I need consent to let from Coutts & Co or can I lease out my property without telling Coutts & Co and having to switch to a buy-to-let mortgage?

  • Am I required to inform Coutts & Co of my intention to rent my property out as a holiday let for twelve weeks. Can you shed any light on this? I am seeking separate advice on the insurance, legal and tax side of things .
  • My property has had a mortgage against it with Coutts & Co for the last ten years. Fast forward and I have got married and moved into my husband’s home. At the moment the property is empty and we either need to sell or let it out. Obviously this will not be a short term proposition as the probability of moving back is low. What should I advise Coutts & Co with a view to obtaining consent to let?
  • Last June I moved out my property in a rush and let out the property. I am aware I ought to have obtained consent to let via Coutts & Co but was uncertain as to what the future would hold and just forgot about it. I'm now in the position where I want to sell that house and transfer the Coutts & Co mortgage to a new house. I can't see a path to do this without being at the mercy of Coutts & Co for not seeking consent to let. When switching, at the time of repaying the mortgage, you must declare your intention to "port the rate" and endure a new set of affordability checks. While I have no difficulties with affordability, the credit check will show I no longer living at the address.
  • Me and my husband want to let our house out and use the rental income to pay rent on a house in Havering. How likely are we to be given consent to let by Coutts & Co without being forced onto a BTL product.
  • I am looking for consent to let for my property as I am moving out for six months currently fixed Coutts & Co mortgage with two years which is due in June next year.
  • My partner and I are considering applying to Coutts & Co to obtain consent to let our home, how long does it take between sending the forms to us finding a letting agent and listing our house for rent? and are there any further steps in the process?
  • I would like to let my property for three years max. I would like to know if I could have a consent to let by my current mortgage lender Coutts & Co?